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Bristol Quiz Questions

Quiz I

  1. What was the last name of the merchant who started a wine and sherry blending business in Bristol, in 1796?
  2. The first ever solid chocolate bar was produced by which Bristol manufacturer in 1847?
  3. Which English-born American actor was born in Horfield, Bristol on January 18, 1904?
  4. Can you name the oldest and largest railway station in Bristol?

  5. Which navigator and explorer left Bristol in 1497 on the Matthew to become the first European to land on mainland North America?
  6. Production of a prototype of what began in February, 1965 at Filton, Bristol?
  7. In 1961, which poet called Bristol "the most beautiful, interesting and distinguished city in England"?
  8. The Clifton Suspension Bridge spans which river?
  9. During the 19th century, which Bristol born politician known as "the sailor's friend" was shocked by overloaded vessels and campaigned to make ships safer?
  10. Which animations studios based in Bristol is world famous for films made using stop-motion clay animation techniques?
  11. Which railway company founded in 1833 and engineered by Isambard Kingdom Brunel ran between Bristol and London Paddington?
  12. Which two motorways meet at the Almondsbury Interchange just north of Bristol?
  13. Which non-metropolitan and ceremonial county, mainly formed from the county boroughs of Bristol and Bath, existed between 1974 and 1996?
  14. Bristol lies within a limestone area running from the Cotswolds in the northeast to which hills in the south?
  15. What until Tudor times was known as the Severn Sea?


  1. Harvey (John Harvey who created Harveys Bristol Cream)
  2. Fry's chocolate bar
  3. Cary Grant (born Archibald Alec Leach)
  4. Temple Meads
  5. John Cabot
  6. Concorde

  7. John Betjeman
  8. River Avon (and it spans the Avon Gorge)
  9. Samuel Plimsoll (which the Plimsoll line was named after)
  10. Aardman Animations
  11. The Great Western Railway (The GWR)
  12. M4 and M5 motorways
  13. Avon
  14. Mendip Hills
  15. The Bristol Channel

Quiz II

  1. Bristol is both a city and a county since which king granted it a county charter in 1373?
  2. Which artist known for works such as Balloon Girl and Love is in the Bin is believed to be from Bristol?
  3. In 1739, which English cleric and theologian founded the first Methodist chapel, the New Room, in Bristol?
  4. Which Bristol born comedian, actor, writer and director began his career performing stand-up comedy at Bristol's Comedy Box?
  5. Bristol Rovers play at which football stadium?
  6. Bristol has two universities, the University of Bristol and which other?
  7. Which museum ship in Bristol Harbour was the longest passenger ship in the world from 1845 to 1854?
  8. Can you name the English merchant and philanthropist whose statue was toppled and pushed into Bristol Harbour during protests in 2020?
  9. Whose stated mission is to "maintain and defend biodiversity through breeding endangered species, conserving threatened species and habitats and promoting a wider understanding of the natural world"?
  10. Can you give the nickname of the fictional Bristolian bricklayer in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet?
  11. A major festival and event featuring which pursuit is held each summer at Ashton Court?
  12. Bristol was designated as England's first "cycling city" and is home to which sustainable transport charity?
  13. Bristol was among the first cities to adopt town twinning after World War II, which city in France is it twinned with?
  14. Which drink was originally manufactured by the Bristol-based food and drink company HW Carter as a blackcurrant squash?
  15. Which BBC children's television series, presented by Johnny Morris, ran from 1962 to 1983 from BBC Bristol?
  16. The 'first modern what' was made on 1 April 1979 by David Kirke and Simon Keeling in Avon Gorge?
  17. Nitrous oxide was discovered by Humphry Davy whilst working in Bristol, what other name did Davy coin for this new discovery?
  18. Which Bristolian is best known for portraying Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy?


  1. King Edward III
  2. Banksy
  3. John Wesley
  4. Stephen Merchant
  5. The Memorial Stadium

  6. The University of the West of England
  7. SS Great Britain
  8. Edward Colston
  9. Bristol Zoo's
  10. Bomber
  11. Hot-air ballooning (Bristol International Balloon Fiesta)
  12. Sustrans
  13. Bordeaux
  14. Ribena
  15. Animal Magic
  16. Bungee jump (off the Clifton Suspension Bridge)
  17. Laughing gas
  18. David Prowse

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