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British Actors

Quiz - test your knowledge of British actors

  1. Which subject of This Is Your Life was surprised by Eamonn Andrews on the set of Death on the Nile in 1977?
  2. Roger Moore's first screen success was playing which hero in a 1958–59 series?
  3. In 2004 which actor played Alfie, in a remake of Michael Caine's 1966 film??
  4. Who played eight different characters in a British comedy released in 1949?

  5. Which English actor was born Krishna Pandit Bhanji?
  6. Which actor's grandfather founded RADA in 1904? This famous actor made his first significant screen appearances in Hammer Horror films.
  7. Who made a guest appearance as himself in The Simpsons and also played the role of Mel Hutchwright in Coronation Street?
  8. Which Academy Award winning actor also directed Nil by Mouth and is the brother of actress Laila Morse who played Mo Harris in EastEnders?
  9. Which actor played a lorry driver in Ever Decreasing Circles ands Arnie in four episodes of Minder?
  10. Which actor was born on 10 December 1960 in Belfast?
  11. Which former wrestler made film appearances in Kes in 1969 and An American Werewolf in London in 1981?
  12. Who starred as violent gang leader Pinkie Brown in the 1948 film Brighton Rock?
  13. Which actor and French resident served as president of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1984, the first British person to serve in this capacity?
  14. Who played the original Darth Vader and a manservant in the 1971 film A Clockwork Orange?
  15. Who received an Academy Award for the film Iris and played Roy Slater in Only Fools and Horses?
  16. Who starred as D'Artagnan in the 1973 adaptation of The Three Musketeers and also in the film adaptation of Logan's Run?
  17. Name The Bidding Room presenter who also played 'The Charmer' in a 1987 British television series?
  18. Roger Lloyd-Pack is best best known for playing which televison character from 1981 to 2003?
  19. Which Batman actor born in Wales to English parents, had his breakthrough role at age 13 in the 1987 war film Empire of the Sun?
  20. In 1962 at the age of 14, who played the role of William Brown in the BBC TV series William?
  21. Who played Bill Tanner in four James Bond films and Dave Fishwick in the 2023 film Bank of Dave?
  22. Who played Julius Caesar in the 1963 epic Cleopatra?
  23. Who has been Thomas Wolsey in the BBC's Wolf Hall and the High Sparrow in Game of Thrones?
  24. Who in 1996 achieved his childhood dream of playing for Sheffield United in the film When Saturday Comes?
  25. Which film, in which he played infantryman private Flanagan, was the last film appearance of Sean Connery before he was cast in the role of James Bond?
  26. Who gained prominence playing Barry Taylor in the 1983 ITV series Auf Wiedersehen, Pet?


  1. Peter Ustinov
  2. Ivanhoe (Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe)
  3. Jude Law
  4. Alec Guinness (Kind Hearts and Coronets)
  5. Ben Kingsley
  6. Oliver Reed
  7. Ian McKellen
  8. Gary Oldman
  9. Ray Winstone
  10. Kenneth Branagh
  11. Brian Glover
  12. Richard Attenborough
  13. Dirk Bogarde
  14. David Prowse
  15. Jim Broadbent
  16. Michael York
  17. Nigel Havers
  18. Trigger (in Only Fools and Horses)
  19. Christian Bale
  20. Dennis Waterman
  21. Rory Kinnear
  22. Rex Harrison
  23. Jonathan Pryce
  24. Sean Bean
  25. The Longest Day
  26. Timothy Spall