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British Celebs

Test your knowledge on British celebs

  1. Who made national headlines in 1995 when he abandoned his role in a London play and disappeared without a trace?
  2. Who wants to be the Labour MP for Sheffield and launched an election campaign on 11 October, 2022?
  3. Which TV personality and sportsman maintains a separate Instagram account dedicated to his knitting projects?

  4. What does the 'B' stand for in the name of Mel B?
  5. How do we better know entertainer Adam Richard Wiles who was born in 1984?
  6. Who revealed that they still had their Tracy Island model in the loft?
  7. Who became the poster-girl for Pears soap in 1882, becoming the first celebrity to endorse a commercial product?
  8. Brian Cox is a professor of particle physics at which university?
  9. Which Dictionary Corner celeb is known for his collection of jumpers?
  10. Which strongman, actor and TV personality was also the world's strongest man in 2017?
  11. What's the real name of "The Governess"?
  12. What's the name of Jeremy Clarkson's farm?
  13. Which television presenter released his first and last music album, "Every Kind Of People", in November, 2017?
  14. Which actress and writer won a BAFTA TV Award for playing Kerry Mucklowe in This Country?
  15. Piers Morgan is an obsessed fan of which Premier League football club?
  16. Who appeared in the music video "Vindaloo" a year or so before dropping out of school at the age of fifteen?
  17. Which TV personality and presenter finished in fifth place in 2012 on The X Factor?
  18. Who sung the theme song: "If you want to be the best, if you want to beat the rest, dedication’s what you need"?
  19. Which fashion stylist presented How to Look Good Naked?
  20. Michael Pennington made his television debut in 1996 as a contestant on Win, Lose or Draw. How do we now better know him?
  21. David Walliams got giardiasis and injured an intervertebral disc doing what?
  22. Who was working as a waitress when she met her future husband Bobby Willis?
  23. Who made three long-distance motorcycle rides with Ewan McGregor?
  24. What is the non-celeb profession of George Clarke?
  25. Whose debut novel is The Thursday Murder Club"?
  26. Which Academy Award winning actor began his British TV career in the early 1970s on the children's series Play Away?
  27. Who is best known for presenting The Repair Shop and Money for Nothing?
  28. Which writer and radio presenter was vicar of Finedon in Northamptonshire, from 2011 to 2022?
  29. Which financial journalist and broadcaster founded the website
  30. Which television presenter has the Twitter handle "thehistoryguy"?
  31. Who appeared with Annie Lennox on the cover of Smash Hits magazine in December 1983 with the headline "Which one is the boy?"
  32. Which inventor was best known for the UK's first mass-market home computer for under £100?


  1. Stephen Fry
  2. Eddie Izzard
  3. Tom Daley
  4. Brown
  5. Calvin Harris
  6. Anthea Turner
  7. Lillie Langtry
  8. Manchester
  9. Gyles Brandreth
  10. Eddie Hall
  11. Anne Hegerty
  12. Diddly Squat Farm
  13. Nick Knowles
  14. Daisy May Cooper
  15. Arsenal
  16. Lily Allen
  17. Rylan (Rylan Clark)
  18. Roy Castle
  19. Gok Wan
  20. Johnny Vegas
  21. Swimming the River Thames
  22. Cilla Black
  23. Charley Boorman
  24. Architect
  25. Richard Osman
  26. Jeremy Irons
  27. Jay Blades
  28. Richard Coles
  29. Martin Lewis
  30. Dan Snow
  31. Boy George
  32. Clive Sinclair