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British Composers

Composers Quiz

  1. Which English composer, a great-nephew to Charles Darwin, composed 'The Lark Ascending'?
  2. Name the composer of the orchestral works the 'Enigma Variations' and the 'Pomp and Circumstance Marches'?
  3. Which English composer is best known for his orchestral suite 'The Planets'?

  4. Which 17th century English composer is buried adjacent to the organ in Westminster Abbey?
  5. Which composer died on 8 March 1983, at the age of 80? A commemorative stone in Westminster Abbey was unveiled close to those of Britten, Elgar, and Vaughan Williams.
  6. Which composer is best known for his operatic collaborations with dramatist W. S. Gilbert and for the song 'Onward, Christian Soldiers'?
  7. Which Bradford born English Romantic composer's best pieces include 'A Mass of Life' and 'A Village Romeo and Juliet'?
  8. Which English composer for musical theatre and television, wrote his first TV theme for the soap opera Crossroads?
  9. Which composer is best known for his patriotic song 'Rule, Britannia!'?
  10. Which 20th-century British composer, conductor, and pianist is known for a range of works including the opera 'Peter Grimes'?
  11. Which English composer is best known for the choral song "Jerusalem"?
  12. Which German born composer spent the bulk of his career in London and became a naturalised British subject in 1727?
  13. 'Keep the Home-Fires Burning' is a British patriotic First World War song composed by which Welsh composer in 1914?
  14. Scottish-born composer Peter Dodds McCormick is best known for composing which country's national anthem?
  15. Which musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, tells the story of a beautiful soprano, Christine Daae?


  1. Ralph Vaughan Williams
  2. Edward Elgar
  3. Gustav Holst
  4. Henry Purcell
  5. William Walton
  6. Arthur Sullivan
  7. Frederick Delius
  8. Tony Hatch
  9. Thomas Arne
  10. Benjamin Britten
  11. Hubert Parry (Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry)
  12. George Frideric Handel
  13. Ivor Novello
  14. Australia's ("Advance Australia Fair")
  15. The Phantom of the Opera