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Culture Quiz Questions

  1. In her 2008 Britain's Got Talent audition, which singer did Susan Bolye say she aspired to become as successful as?
  2. What was the first book published in the Harry Potter series of books?
  3. At almost 7 kilometres long, the racecourse known as the Championship Course is associated with which event?
  4. What, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott in 1924, featured on the front cover of One Direction's album Take Me Home and the back cover of David Bowie's album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars?
  5. Who gained Internet fame in September 2015 when a road rage video went viral in which he shouted at a moped rider: "Do you know who I am?"?

  6. What links Coopers Hill Spring Bank Holiday with a festival held in Caerphilly every July?
  7. According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, at least how many inches tall does a genuine Yorkshire pudding have to be?
  8. In 1996 Michael Joseph Pennington made his television debut as a contestant on Win, Lose or Draw, by what name do we better know him?
  9. The Balti Triangle is a famous area of Balti houses clustered in which British city?
  10. What did Erika Roe do on 2 January 1982?
  11. What word describes a type of cider originating in the West Country?
  12. What is quizzer and television personality Mark Labbett's nickname?
  13. What species of small flying insect in the north west of Scotland is usually very prevalent from late spring to late summer?
  14. Which pop star is godmother to both of Elton John’s sons?
  15. Which two conflicting British youth subcultures led sociologist Stanley Cohen to use the term "moral panic"?
  16. What was the last name of Fred, who opened his first holiday camp in 1946 at Brean Sands near Weston-super-Mare?
  17. Katie Price initially gained recognition for her glamour modelling work under which pseudonym?
  18. Described as one of the most successful celebrity brands, who started a British food brand specializing in vegetarian and vegan food in 1991?
  19. Who founded the National Theatre in 1963?
  20. What is the nickname commonly associated with the surname Clark?
  21. What number plinth on Trafalgar Square features temporary artworks?
  22. Harrods department store is located in which residential and retail district in central London?
  23. Which language is the second-most spoken language in England?
  24. Mathew Street, visited by thousands of tourists a year, is in which city?
  25. What slang term is often used for a strong cup of tea?
  26. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was published in the same year as which well-known war finished?
  27. What was founded in 1895 to "promote the permanent preservation for the benefit of the Nation of lands and tenements of beauty or historic interest"?
  28. Who opened his first fish and chip shop in 1928 in a wooden hut in Guiseley, West Yorkshire?
  29. What, designed by Harry Beck in 1931, was voted a national design icon in 2006?
  30. What name is given to the device that fastens the neckerchief worn as part of the Scout or Girl Guides uniform?


  1. Elaine Paige
  2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  3. The Boat Race
  4. Red telephone box
  5. Ronnie Pickering
  6. Cheese (The Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and the Big Cheese festival)
  7. 4 inches tall
  8. Johnny Vegas
  9. Birmingham
  10. Streaked topless across the pitch of Twickenham Stadium
  11. Scrumpy
  12. The Beast (off The Chase)
  13. Highland midge
  14. Lady Gaga
  15. Mods and rockers
  16. Pontin
  17. Jordan
  18. Linda McCartney
  19. Laurence Olivier
  20. Nobby
  21. Fourth plinth
  22. Knightsbridge
  23. Polish
  24. Liverpool
  25. Builder's tea
  26. American Civil War (1865)
  27. The National Trust
  28. Harry Ramsden
  29. London Underground Map
  30. Woggle