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Welcome to our British Prime Minister Quiz

Prime Ministers Quiz I

  1. Who is generally regarded as being the first Prime Minister of Great Britain?
  2. Mary, who died at the age of 102 years and 145 days, in June 2018, was the only prime ministerial spouse to become a centenarian; name her husband?

  3. Just 10 years after the barriers to Jews entering Parliament had been removed, who became Britain's first, and so far only, Jewish Prime Minister?
  4. Which prime minister lost the American colonies?
  5. Name the first and only American-born Prime Minister?
  6. Which British prime minister was assassinated in May 1812?
  7. Name the country house in Buckinghamshire, that is the official country residence of British Prime Ministers?
  8. Who was prime minister during the French Revolution?
  9. As of 2019, how many Labour prime ministers has there been?
  10. What was the first name of Sir Winston Churchill's wife?
  11. In which country was the historically significant "Wind of Change" speech made by Prime Minister Harold Macmillan?
  12. The first ever five prime ministers belonged to which political party?
  13. Which Prime Minister led the country through the abdication of King Edward VIII in 1936?
  14. The television historian and presenter Dan Snow is a great-great-grandson of which Prime Minister?
  15. Famous for being married to a prime minister, who was the last commoner to be awarded a hereditary title?


  1. Robert Walpole
  2. Harold Wilson
  3. Benjamin Disraeli

  4. Lord North
  5. Boris Johnson (was born in New York City)
  6. Spencer Perceval (shot in the lobby of the House of Commons by a bankrupt John Bellingham who blamed the government for his misfortune)
  7. Chequers
  8. William Pitt the Younger
  9. Six
  10. Clementine
  11. South Africa (Cape Town)
  12. Whigs
  13. Stanley Baldwin
  14. Lloyd George
  15. Denis Thatcher

Prime Ministers Quiz II

  1. Give the three word title of the unauthorised biography of David Cameron by Michael Ashcroft in 2015?
  2. Name the last Prime Minister not to have been a university graduate?
  3. Who was the first and so far only British Prime Minister to receive a Nobel Prize?
  4. Which British Prime Minister resigned due to the Suez Crisis?
  5. Which Liberal Party politician was Prime Minister at the start of World War One?
  6. Who became Prime Minister after winning the 1970 general election?
  7. In which year did Sir Winston Churchill resigne as prime minister due to his failing health?
  8. In 1924, who briefly became the first Labour prime minister?
  9. The Grand Old Man was the nickname of which British statesman?
  10. Which Prime Minister is principally remembered for giving his name to a blend of tea?
  11. Which PM said: "Being born in a stable does not make one a horse."?
  12. How old was William Pitt 'The Younger' when he became the youngest ever Prime Minister in 1783?
  13. William Lamb, best known for being prime minister in Queen Victoria's early years, is better known as Viscount what?
  14. In which year did Gordon Brown succeed Tony Blair as Prime Minister?
  15. In 1984, which former PM accepted a hereditary peerage, making his maiden speech in the House of Lords in November 1984?


  1. Call Me Dave
  2. John Major
  3. Winston Churchill (for Literature in 1953)
  4. Robert Anthony Eden (Sir Anthony Eden)
  5. Herbert Henry Asquith
  6. Edward Heath
  7. 1955
  8. Ramsey MacDonald
  9. William Ewart Gladstone (won his last election in 1892 at the age of eighty-three)
  10. Earl Grey
  11. Duke of Wellington
  12. 24
  13. Viscount Melbourne
  14. 2007
  15. Harold Macmillan (became Earl of Stockton)

Prime Ministers Trivia III

  1. Which PM wrote the novel Sybil, which traces the plight of the working classes of England?
  2. Which PM fought a duel in 1809 with his bitterest political rival, Lord Castlereagh, and was shot in the thigh?
  3. Which PM's government is principally remembered for the so-called 'Profumo Affair'?
  4. Which Prime Minister is best remembered for creating the Metropolitan Police in 1829 while Home Secretary in the Duke of Wellington's first government?
  5. Andrew Bonar Law, until recently the only Prime Minister to have been born outside the British Isles, was born in which country?
  6. Can you name the last non-Conservative and non-Labour prime minister?
  7. Who was the longest serving Prime Minister?
  8. Which Prime Minister was the target of Churchill’s memorable put down phrase: "a sheep in sheep’s clothing"?
  9. Which nickname was been given to Theresa May to describe her 'robotic' nature, particularly during the 2017 general election campaign?
  10. What was Margaret Thatcher's middle name? And in which year did her Premiership end?
  11. Name the only PM to have held all four Great Offices of State, having served as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary prior to becoming Prime Minister?
  12. Which Prime attended the state funeral of President John F. Kennedy?
  13. From Sir Winston Churchill to present PM, Boris Johnson, how many Prime Ministers have served during Queen Elizabeth II's reign?
  14. Which prime minister, at the age of sixteen, lost the sight of one eye in a school rugby accident?
  15. Name the only Prime Minister to serve (a record) four terms?


  1. Benjamin Disraeli
  2. George Canning
  3. Harold Macmillan
  4. Robert Peel (the nickname 'bobbies' for policemen comes from his first name)

  5. Canada
  6. David Lloyd George (Liberal)
  7. Sir Robert Walpole (20 years 314 days)
  8. Clement Attlee
  9. Maybot
  10. Hilda. 1990.
  11. James Callaghan
  12. Alec Douglas-Home
  13. 14
  14. Gordon Brown
  15. William Gladstone (becoming prime minister for the fourth time, he is described by Queen Victoria as 'an old, wild and incomprehensible man of eighty two and a half')

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