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British Queens


  1. After losing Jane Seymour in childbirth, Henry VIII embarked on a political marriage to which German princess?
  2. Eleanor of Aquitaine was Queen of England for more than 30-years as the wife of which king?
  3. On William IV's death in 1837, Victoria became Queen at what age?
  4. Which new colony founded in South Australia in 1836 was named after a queen consort?

  5. Which queen of England from 1553 to 1558 was the first female monarch to rule the country?
  6. What was the name given to the 12 crosses erected by Edward I where his wife's coffin had rested overnight?
  7. When England lost Calais to the French which queen said: "You shall find Calais lying in my heart"?
  8. On 8 September 2022 at Balmoral Castle, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at what age?
  9. Berengaria of Navarre was Queen of England as the wife of which king?
  10. Queen Elizabeth I is regarded as one of England's greatest monarchs, but who was her mother?
  11. Remembered as the ‘She-Wolf of France’, which queen endured an unhappy marriage to King Edward II?
  12. Which queen consort, was the grandmother of Elizabeth II, and had an ocean liner and university named in her honour?
  13. What was the maiden name of Camilla, Queen of the United Kingdom and wife of King Charles III?
  14. Matilda of Flanders was Queen of England by marriage to which king?
  15. Name the warrior queen of the Iceni people, who lived in what is now East Anglia?
  16. Henrietta Maria was Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland from her marriage to which king?
  17. Which city, the largest city in North Carolina, was named in honour of the queen consort of King George III?
  18. Who was queen for just nine days, as part of an attempt to prevent the accession of Mary Tudor?
  19. Which queen was the first monarch of a united Great Britain?
  20. Which Cambridge college was founded in 1448 by Margaret of Anjou, wife of King Henry VI and refounded in 1465 by rival queen, Elizabeth Woodville?
  21. Discovered in 1906, the world's largest butterfly was named in honour of the wife of King Edward VII. What name was it given?


  1. Anne of Cleves
  2. King Henry II
  3. 18
  4. Adelaide
  5. Queen Mary I
  6. Eleanor crosses
  7. Queen Mary I
  8. 96
  9. Richard I
  10. Anne Boleyn
  11. Isabella
  12. Mary of Teck
  13. Shand
  14. William the Conqueror
  15. Boudicca
  16. King Charles I
  17. Charlotte
  18. Lady Jane Grey
  19. Queen Anne
  20. Queens' College
  21. Alexandra (the butterfly is called Queen Alexandra's birdwing)