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British Retail


  1. Which retail group's name dates back to the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers, established in 1844?
  2. John Hargreaves opened the first store of which retailer in 1985, named after his two sons? Hargreaves started as a market stall trader in Liverpool with a vision to sell fashion and home products at an affordable price.
  3. Which British online retailer was formerly known as Littlewoods Direct?
  4. Which brand began in 1988 as a menswear store in Exeter with a name inspired by the founder's time spent on a boat on the Thames?

  5. Which shopping centre in Hendon, north London, opened as the UK's first out-of-town shopping centre in 1976?
  6. Jack Cohen founded which retailer?
  7. Which British outdoor clothing and equipment brand has a German name which translates as 'mountain house'?
  8. Which retailer was founded in 1979 by Bill and Jeany Adderley, trading in home textiles from a Leicester market stall?
  9. What does the 'B' stand for in the DIY retailer B&Q?
  10. IKEA opened its first-ever UK store in Warrington in which decade?
  11. Founded in 1869 in Drury Lane, London, which supermarket has the second largest chain of supermarkets in the UK as of 2022?
  12. Argos was founded by Richard Tompkins who had previously established which UK sales promotion scheme?
  13. Which company founded by Joseph Hepworth in Leeds in 1864 overtook Marks B& Spencer to become the largest clothing retailer by sales in the UK?
  14. Which British online fashion retailer has a brand name which means 'noisy weeping'?
  15. Which retailer was founded in 1979 as the Woodscrew Supply Company?
  16. In 2019 which retailer bought 50% of Ocado Retail Ltd?
  17. Which supermarket calls its staff partners?
  18. What's the alter ego of Lononer Ray Kelvin, who started his business in 1988 with a men’s shirt shop in Glasgow?
  19. Which online British women's fashion brand, formerly a store chain, gets its name from the name of a rose?
  20. Which fashion and homewear brand was started by Stephen Marks in 1972 – a year after a film of the same name was released?
  21. What do the initials B&M mean?


  1. Co-op (Co-operative Group Limited)
  2. Matalan (his two sons were Matt and Alan)
  3. Very
  4. River Island
  5. Brent Cross
  6. Tesco
  7. Berghaus
  8. Dunelm
  9. Block (B&Q was opened in Southampton in 1969, by Richard Block and David Quayle)
  10. 1980s (1987)
  11. Sainsbury's
  12. Green Shield Stamps
  13. Next
  14. Boohoo
  15. Screwfix
  16. Marks and Spencer (M&S)
  17. Waitrose
  18. Ted Baker
  19. Dorothy Perkins
  20. French Connection
  21. Bargain Madness