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British TV Culture

Test you knowledge of past British TV

  1. What word is the only one uttered, many times over, in a 1980 film featuring a police inspector and a vicar?
  2. What exactly did Basil Fawlty once describe as "sounds like somebody machine-gunning a seal"?
  3. Hywel Bennett is best knwon for playing which "thinking man's layabout"?
  4. Derek Hobson is best known as the original host of which ITV talent show?
  5. English comedian Cyril Fletcher is best remembered for his section on which television show?

  6. What was the nickname of the person who loaded the bolts on The Golden Shot?
  7. Which character is Nicholas Bond Owen most famous for playing>
  8. Which song written in 1966 is the signature tune of Morecambe &Wise?
  9. "The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Walker" is a missing episode of which British comedy series?
  10. What was the name of the cat voiced by Kenny Everett in a series of short animated cartoon public information films for children?
  11. Who occupied the centre square for the majority of editions of Celebrity Squares?
  12. Roger Tilling has been the voice of which programme since 2001?
  13. Boys from the Blackstuff helped to establish the amazing career of which actress?
  14. Yes Minister follows the ministerial career of which character played by Paul Eddington?
  15. What's the three word catchphrase most associated with John Noakes?
  16. Which 1993 British animated short film is the second film featuring Wallace and Gromit, following A Grand Day Out?
  17. Who is known for her amazing performance as Livia in the BBC television series I, Claudius?
  18. Which series ends with Laurence Olivier saying "Remember"?
  19. Which sitcom was based on a sketch entitled, "Modern Mother and Daughter"?
  20. Which British television children's programme featured future stars such as Jeremy Irons, Tony Robinson and Alex Norton?
  21. What was the name of the character Michael Gambon played in The Singing Detective?
  22. In a famous Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch what was a Norwegian Blue?
  23. Jamie McCrimmon appeared in more episodes than any other companion of Doctor Who. Which actor played him?
  24. Which 1966 drama, directed by Ken Loach, exposed Britain's chronic housing shortage?
  25. Michael Parkinson had a car crash interview with which American actress in 2003?
  26. Footballer Danny Blanchflower is famously the only British person to refuse to go on which programme?


  1. Rhubarb
  2. Sybil’s (or his wife's) laugh
  3. Shelley
  4. New Faces
  5. That's Life!
  6. Bernie or, "Bernie, the bolt"
  7. Tristram (in George &Mildred)
  8. Bring Me Sunshine
  9. Dad's Army
  10. Charley (Charley Says was the name of the public information cartoons)
  11. Willlie Rushton
  12. Announcer of University Challenge
  13. Julie Walters
  14. Jim Hacker
  15. "Get down, Shep!"
  16. The Wrong Trousers
  17. Sian Phillips
  18. The World at War
  19. Absolutely Fabulous (also known as Ab Fab)
  20. Play Away
  21. Philip Marlow
  22. A parrot ("Dead Parrot" sketch)
  23. Frazer Hines
  24. Kathy Come Home
  25. Meg Ryan
  26. This Is Your Life