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Bulgaria Quiz

Quiz Questions

  1. What is the capital city of Bulgaria?
  2. What's the currency of Bulgaria?
  3. The Bulgarian flag is a tricolour consisting of three equal-sized horizontal bands. Which colour is at the top?
  4. Bulgaria occupies the eastern quarter of which peninsula?
  5. Which large city on the banks of the Maritsa River was European Capital of Culture in 2019 and is the oldest city in Bulgaria?

  6. Which alphabet is used to write the Bulgarian language?
  7. Which river forms much of Bulgaria's northern border with Romania?
  8. What type of food product is kiselo mlyako?
  9. Vasil Levski is the national hero of Bulgaria, known for his role in the struggle for Bulgarian independence from which empire?
  10. Can you name the five countries that share a land border with Bulgaria?
  11. Slancev Brjag is a seaside resort on the Black Sea coast bettter known to English speakers by what name?
  12. Which footballer captained the national team from 2006 to 2010?
  13. Which common surname derives from the Bulgarian equivalent to John in English?
  14. Varna is a port on the coast of which sea?
  15. As of 2023, athlete Stefka Kostadinova has held the world record in which athletics event since 1987?
  16. The town of Kazanlak produces what sort of oil?


  1. Sofia
  2. Bulgarian lev
  3. White (from top to bottom: white, green, and red.)
  4. Balkan peninsula
  5. Plovdiv
  6. The Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet
  7. Danube River
  8. Bulgarian yogurt
  9. The Ottoman Empire
  10. Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Romania and the Republic of Macedonia.
  11. Sunny Beach
  12. Dimitar Berbatov
  13. Ivanov
  14. The Black Sea
  15. High jump
  16. Rose oil