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Business Blunders

Business Quiz

  1. Whose C5 vehicle was once described as "one of the great marketing bombs of postwar British industry"?
  2. Who once said about the sets of earrings his business sold, that they were "cheaper than a prawn sandwich from Marks and Spencer's, but I have to say the sandwich will probably last longer than the earrings"?
  3. Whose biggest business blunder is thought to be a cola brand he launched in 1994 which even had product placements in shows like Friends?
  4. When given the opportunity to purchase Netflix in the early 2000s for 50 million dollars, which company declined?

  5. Facebook turned down programmers Jan Koum and Brian Acton at job interviews in 2009 but a few years later paid billions for which company the pair developed?
  6. Founded in 1927, and once the largest international air carrier in the United States, which airline company filed for bankruptcy in 1991 due partly to corporate mismanagement?
  7. Sir Isaac Newton lost much of his fortune in which financial crash in 1720?
  8. At one time the world’s biggest film company, which business patented a digital camera in 1977 but did not introduce the technology because it made so much money on film?
  9. Royal Mail changed its name to what in the early 2000s before changing it back again in October 2022?
  10. In 2009, Fortune magazine named it the the fastest growing company in the world but by 2013 it's stock price collapsed because it prefered keyboards over touchscreens? Which company?
  11. Why did Welshman James Howells visit his local landfill in 2003 in a £150 million mistake?


  1. Sir Clive Sinclair
  2. Gerald Ratner
  3. Richard Branson, or Virgin
  4. Blockbuster
  5. WhatsApp
  6. Pan Am
  7. The South Sea Bubble
  8. Kodak
  9. Consignia
  10. Blackberry
  11. To find an old laptop containing 8,000 bitcoins thrown out during an office clearout