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Celebrities who have been to prison

Quiz Questions

  1. Which American actress spent two weeks in prison in 2019 following a university admissions scandal?
  2. Which Toy Story star was paroled in June, 1981, after serving more than two years in a Federal Correctional Institution?
  3. Which former soap star killed a taxi driver in Germany and was sentenced to life in prison?
  4. Who in 1998 served two years in prison after being convicted of burgling singer Paul Young's London home?

  5. Which sporting legend was convicted of tax fraud in 1987 and sentenced to three years?
  6. On 7 December 2017, who collapsed in HM Prison Littlehey after trying to clean his cell and died three days later?
  7. Which UK radio disc jockey was sentenced to 3 months' imprisonment in January 2008 for repeatedly violating a restraining order?
  8. Which Wimbledon finalist in 1979, got media attention in the 2000s for legal problems and stretches of imprisonment?
  9. Why was Jeffrey Archer imprisoned in 2001?
  10. Which American domestic diva served five months in prison in 2004 for insider trading?
  11. Which music legend was arrested and jailed in Japan for nine days in 1980?
  12. Who spent three months in Pucklechurch prison for credit card fraud, before attending Cambridge University in 1979?
  13. In 1995, a footballer was sentenced to two weeks in jail for assault. However, he only spent three hours in prison before getting released on bail. Who is he?
  14. Who was imprisoned for four months in 2009 for assaulting and falsely imprisoning a male escort?
  15. Which Canadian actor spent 48 days in jail in 2007 for driving under the influence of alcohol?


  1. Felicity Huffman
  2. Tim Allen
  3. Leslie Grantham
  4. Gino D'Acampo
  5. Lester Piggot
  6. Max Clifford
  7. Andy Kershaw
  8. Roscoe Tanner
  9. For perjury and perverting the course of justice
  10. Martha Stewart
  11. Paul McCartney
  12. Stephen Fry
  13. Eric Cantona
  14. Boy George
  15. Kiefer Sutherland