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Channel Islands Trivia


  1. What is the capital of Jersey?
  2. Which island with an area of 3 square miles is the third-largest island of the Channel Islands?
  3. Which British 1980s crime drama TV series was set in Jersey?
  4. Which island with a population of about 500 is one of the few places in the world where cars are banned from roads?
  5. Footballer Matt Le Tissier was born on which island?
  6. The channel islands are not technically part of the UK but are self-governing dependencies known by what term?

  7. What is the capital of Guernsey?
  8. Which author lived in exile on Guernsey from 1855 until 1870?
  9. What's the marketing name for the famous type of potato grown in Jersey?
  10. The Channel Islands were previously part of which French Duchy?
  11. Burhou is a small island northwest of Alderney that is known for its colony of what birds?
  12. What's roughly the combined population of the islands: (a) 17,000, (b) 170,000, or (c) 1.7 million?
  13. What is the main town of Alderney called?
  14. Which island is 2,183 m long, less than 873 metres wide and has a population of about 60?
  15. Which historic site in Jersey, with a museum, is depicted on the Jersey 1 pound note issued in 2010?
  16. Which is the closest of the Channel Islands both to the United Kingdom and France?
  17. What was founded in 1959 by author Gerald Durrell?
  18. What's the name of the castle and tourist attraction on the tidal island of L'Islet?
  19. Which actress, the daughter of the dean of Jersey, was known as the 'Jersey Lily'?
  20. Which English coastal town offers the quickest ferry crossing to Jersey?
  21. Which English actor moved to Guernsey in the late 1970s and lived there for 15 years despite being jailed for breaking a hotel window?
  22. Liberation Day is the national day of both Jersey and Guernsey and takes place on which month of each year?


  1. Saint Helier
  2. Alderney
  3. Bergerac
  4. Sark
  5. Guernsey
  6. Crown Dependencies
  7. St. Peter Port
  8. Victor Hugo
  9. The Jersey Royal
  10. The Duchy of Normandy
  11. Puffins
  12. (b) 170,000
  13. Saint Anne
  14. Herm
  15. La Hougue Bie
  16. Alderney
  17. Jersey Zoo
  18. Elizabeth Castle (named after Elizabeth I)
  19. Lillie Langtry
  20. Poole
  21. Oliver Reed
  22. May (May 9th)