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Christmas Adverts Quiz

20 Questions

  1. A cover of which song by Lola Young was used in the 2021 John Lewis Christmas advert?
  2. Which supermarket's 2014 advert retells story of a Christmas Day football match between British and German soldiers in 1914?
  3. Emma Raducanu joined Jack Grealish in which recent advert?
  4. What is the name of the carrot who is the mascot of Christmas adverts for supermarket chain Aldi?
  5. Which company's Christmas advert stars Jenna Coleman who discovers a gift from her Nan which turns into a seemingly bottomless bag?
  6. Which iconic advert was based upon a party in a European ambassador's official residence in the 1990s?
  7. Which classic 1984 commercial was revived on Christmas Day 2014 as a tribute?

  8. Which product do we associate with the phrase 'Holidays are Coming'?
  9. In 2021 which company created a spoof of the John Lewis Christmas advert by featuring a packet of Space Raiders crisps?
  10. Which fizzy drink was advertised in 2006 with the classic Christmas story of The Snowman?
  11. In 1989 "there's a magical place, we're on our way there" .... what's this magical place called?
  12. In the Marks and Spencer 2021 ad, who plays the fairy?
  13. "The Boy And The Piano" featuring Elton John was the John Lewis Christmas campaign for which year?
  14. In 2017 who unknowingly saves Christmas as he mistakes a burglar for Father Christmas in the Marks and Spencer's festive ad?
  15. A 1989 advert of a a man surfing a wave was advertising which classic Christmas gift back in the 1980s?
  16. An iconic 1990s advert, what did the six-year-old child actor stand on to be able to kiss a girl under the mistletoe?
  17. GAP's Christmas ad for 2021 features which musician singing the Beatles song "All you need is love" while playing the guitar?
  18. Vodafone’s 2015 advert showed the story of a family and their pet what?
  19. Featuring brand ambassador Fearne Cotton which online retailer's 2013 advert ends with the slogan "don’t just do Christmas, do it in style"?
  20. Which company's recent Christmas advert features a Chase style question about Santa's reindeers and the slogan "baubles to last year"?


  1. Together in Electric Dreams
  2. Sainsbury's
  3. Sports Direct Christmas ad
  4. Kevin
  5. Boots
  6. Ferrero Rocher
  7. The Oxo Family Advert
  8. Coca Cola
  9. Iceland
  10. Irn Bru
  11. Toys R Us!
  12. Dawn French
  13. 2018
  14. Paddington Bear
  15. Old Spice
  16. A Yellow Pages book
  17. Katy Perry
  18. Pet Turkey
  19. Very's
  20. Argos