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Christmas Adverts

Test your knowledge of Christmas adverts

  1. In 2020, LadBaby sung about sausage rolls in which company's Christmas ad?
  2. What's the name of the carrot that features in Aldi's Christmas' campaigns?
  3. Who was the star of the 2018 John Lewis advert?

  4. What was advertised with the 'Lonely Bounty' advert in 2021?
  5. 'Holidays Are Coming' is associated with what?
  6. Made in partnership with The Royal British Legion which company's 2012 advert featured a famous First World War football match in no man's land?
  7. GAP's advert for Christmas 2021 featured which singer playing the guitar to a Beatles song?
  8. First aired on TV in the run up to Christmas 1992, what did child actor Dean Cooke stand on to kiss an older girl under the mistletoe?
  9. Voted Scotland's favourite Christmas advert, the iconic 'Snowman' cartoon advertises which product?
  10. Can you remember the name of the monster that emerges from under the bed in the 2017 John Lewis advert?
  11. In a 2021 animated Christmas ad for which company is Mike unable to prevent the gingerbread house his step-children made from collapsing?
  12. Who sung 'Somewhere Only We Know' for John Lewis's "the bear and the hare" animated Christmas Advert in 2013?
  13. Who plays the Fairy Godmother in recent M&S Christmas adverts?
  14. Will Ferrell reprised his role as Buddy the Elf in Christmas 2022 for which company's advert?
  15. Aled Jones sang "Walking in the Air" for which company's 1985 Christmas ad?


  1. Walkers
  2. Kevin the Carrot
  3. Elton John
  4. Celebrations
  5. Coca-Cola
  6. Sainsbury's
  7. Katy Perry
  8. A Yellow Pages book
  9. Irn-Bru
  10. Moz
  11. Disney
  12. Lily Allen
  13. Dawn French
  14. Asda
  15. Toys "R" Us