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Christmas Crossword Puzzle

Our Christmas crosssword...

A ready-made crossword to print from a PDF onto an A4 sheet of paper. Test your knowledge of Christmas. Many clues and questions, perfect for an instant Christmas handout quiz. Great family fun.

Download and print a ready-made festive crossword puzzle...

image of a printer There's two PDF documents available for this puzzle. The first is the crossword puzzle. The second sheet has the solutions. Both sheets are printed out with normal potrait mode printer settings.

Christmas Crossword Puzzle: Christmas Crossword
Solution Sheet: Solutions PDF

NOTE: Every quiz is designed to use just one sheet of A4 paper.

How to print?

Open your PDF document. Select the icon on the toolbar. From the menu bar select File and choose Print. Within the Print the current PDF document dialog box, select your paper printer using the drop-down menu.

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Some of the clues?

What's the first name of George Bailey’s guardian angel in It’s A Wonderful Life?
Arizona, Georgia and Indiana all have towns with this festive name?
What were first made by Tom Smith in 1847?