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Christmas Dingbats

Questions and Answers - Download and Print

What are dingbats?

Dingbats are visual word puzzles from which a well known phrase or saying can be identified.

Printable original dingbats

Yes. This is our printable dingbats page. As of June 2020, one quiz to start with, but with more to come in he following months - quality, original dingbat puzzles are quite difficult to create, but watch this space (smile).

Download and print a ready-made dingbats quiz!

Our first dingbats quiz features well known phrases. Twenty questions in PDf format which will print onto an A4 sheet.

Download and print our Christmas dingbat quiz questions: CHRISTMAS DINGBATS QUIZ
And the accompanying answers: CHRISTMAS DINGBATS ANSWERS

Above questions on one A4 page, with answers on a separate A4 sheet.

IMPORTANT: Print out both questions and answers using the LANDSCAPE page setting in your printer controls.
Every dingbat puzzle has an answer which is a well known phrase. This sheet is quite hard, so the wife tells me; we'll do a mixture of hard, medium and easy with future puzzles. It's always easy when you construct them yourself, so know the answers!

Dingbats Example

Just a simple example to give you an idea of how they work. What's the well-known phrase or word in the below dingabt question? (Scroll down for the answer)

The answer: Miss under standing - Misunderstanding. They do get trickier!