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Christmas Drinks

Festive Quiz

  1. Which traditional Christmas drink is also historically known as a milk punch?
  2. What is the more common name for spiced wine?

  3. Associated with small bottles in the 80s, which drink is a mixture of carbonated lemonade and Advocaat in roughly equal parts?
  4. Which drink in named after a London's gentlemen's club where it was first served by barman Malachy McGarry in 1921?
  5. Julmust is a soft drink that is mainly consumed in which European country around Christmas?
  6. Kirsch is a clear spirit made from distilling which fruit?
  7. Which traditional Cuban punch often consists of white rum, sugar cane juice, soda water, lime juice and mint?
  8. The name of which restaurant owned by John Chesterman was given in 1974 to the first Irish cream on the market?
  9. Which traditional Christmas drink with the alternative name 'lamb's wool' is served with baked apples?
  10. Which traditional alcoholic beverage is also the Dutch word for lawyer?
  11. Which alcoholic beverage is also known as pear cider?
  12. Which cocktail of warm milk with shots of brandy and rum shares its name with a series of animated comedy short films created in 1940?


  1. Eggnog
  2. Mulled wine
  3. Snowball
  4. Buck's Fizz
  5. Sweden
  6. Cherries
  7. Mojito
  8. Baileys
  9. Wassail
  10. Advocaat
  11. Perry
  12. Tom and Jerry