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Christmas Family Quiz

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What's in our family quiz?

Two handout quiz sheets featuring 25 Christmas trivia questions, one for kids and another for adults. Suitable for a fun family Christmas quiz. The kids' question sheet is suitable for younger children. There's plenty of questions in our many Christmas quizzes if you wish to make a quiz of your own.

Printable quizzes

Click and downloaded in PDF format, then print. A ready-made Family Christmas Quiz. The quizzes have spaces for the answers. PDF readers come already installed on most computers but are available for free online.

Download and print a ready-made quiz!

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Four sheets to print on single A4 pages. A kids quiz and an adults quiz. Then the same quizzes with the answers.

Family Christmas Quizzes...

Questions Preview

Kids questions include...
- Which three words phrase is often called out by a pantomime audience?
- What sort of cloak did Harry Potter get for Christmas?
- Norway Spruce and Fraser Fir are types of what?

And for adults...
- Which toy invented in 1949, was the first toy advertised on television?
- Which UK Christmas number one of 1962 might you also find written on a parcel?
- Crunchie Bits are found in which tub of chocolates?