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Christmas Games

Quiz Questions About Games

  1. The TV gameshow Win, Lose or Draw is a similar concept to which word-guessing game invented by Robert Angel and Gary Everson in the 1980s?
  2. In 1472, the city council of Amsterdam allegedly prohibited what fun game for reasons of public safety?

  3. Which board game is an adaptation of the popular ITV quiz show hosted by Warwick Davis?
  4. Bingo cards contain how many columns?
  5. In the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, water is sprayed over the players after a heated game of what?
  6. Charades originated in the 16th-century in which country?
  7. How many blank tiles are there in the game of Scrabble?
  8. What differs from a sled or sleigh in that it has no runners or skis?
  9. How many rooms are there in the Cluedo mansion where the murder can take place?
  10. Which game has a name which is derived from a Swahili word which means 'to build'?
  11. In which board game do players describe words from six different categories to their team as quickly as possible?
  12. Which game was created on December 15, 1979, in Montreal, Quebec, by Chris Haney and Scott Abbott?
  13. What is the sound of something heavy dropping with a thud and a children's game invented by Eddy Goldfarb?
  14. Which game became a success when actress Eva Gabor played it with Johnny Carson on American TV in May, 1966?
  15. What board game starting with the letter 'B' is a variant of a classic parlor game known as Fictionary?
  16. What name is given to a decorated container made of papier-mache, filled with sweets, then broken as part of a celebration?
  17. In which card game are five cards dealt to each player and the remaining cards usually spread out in a disorderly pile referred to as the "ocean"?
  18. What memory game is named after a Rudyard Kipling novel?
  19. The word karaoke means 'empty' what?
  20. The Indian game of 'pachisi' was modified to use a cubic die and patented under what name in England in 1896?
  21. What are the discs called in the game of Tiddlywinks?
  22. What name is commonly given to a games set typically containing double sided board games, chess and draughts, solitaire and ludo pieces, and much more?
  23. A game played by children is called "pin the tail on the ..." what?


  1. Pictionary
  2. Snowball fighting
  3. Tenable
  4. Nine
  5. Monopoly
  6. France
  7. Two
  8. Toboggan
  9. Nine rooms
  10. Jenga
  11. Articulate
  12. Trivial Pursuit
  13. KerPlunk
  14. Twister
  15. Balderdash
  16. A pinata

  17. Go Fish or Fish
  18. Kim
  19. Orchestra
  20. Ludo
  21. Winks or squidgers
  22. A compendium of games
  23. Donkey