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Christmas Song Quiz

Another festive quiz?

Trivia on classic Christmas songs from White Christmas, Santa Baby to Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.

Christmas Songs Quiz I

  1. In which film was the song "White Christmas" first sung?
  2. 'Oh tidings of comfort and joy' is the last line of which Christmas carol?
  3. Who sung a famous duet of "The Little Drummer Boy" with Bing Crosby on Crosby's final holiday TV special in 1977?
  4. The Johnny Mathis version of which song gained popularity after its inclusion in the 1992 film Home Alone 2: Lost in New York?
  5. In the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" how many maids a milking were there?

  6. What's line comes before 'Jack Frost nipping at your nose' in "The Christmas Song" by Mel Torme which was first recorded by The King Cole Trio in 1946?
  7. Which song has been a UK Christmas Number One twice for totally different artists?
  8. The Christmas song "Run, Rudolph, Run" was popularized by which American artist in the late 1950s?
  9. How many 'Days of Christmas' is a song and Christmas album by American girl group "Destiny's Child"?
  10. Which English musician wrote and sung the song a "Wonderful Christmastime"?
  11. "No more will sin and sorrow grow, nor thorns infest the ground" is a line from which song?
  12. Rat Pack star Dean Martin recorded the 1959 version of which song, fifteen years after it was originally sung by Frank Loesser and his wife at the end of a party – as a gentle suggestion that their guests should probably get going?
  13. "Driving Home for Christmas" is a Christmas song written and composed by which singer-songwriter?
  14. Which Christmas classic never made it to Number One in 1994 when it was beaten to the top spot by East 17’s "Stay Another Day"?
  15. In which nineties song are the words of the Lord's Prayer set to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne"?
  16. Which song was written by Howard Blake for the 1982 animated film The Snowman?
  17. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is a song first song by Judy Garland in which 1944 MGM musical?
  18. Which song do the lyrics "Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, in the lane, snow is glistening" come from?
  19. Complete the line from 'Do They Know It's Christmas?': "Where nothing ever grows, no rain nor ......"?
  20. Which 1953 Christmas novelty song was Eartha Kitt’s biggest hit of her career?


  1. Holiday Inn
  2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  3. David Bowie
  4. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
  5. Eight
  6. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
  7. Mary's Boy Child
  8. Chuck Berry
  9. 8 Days of Christmas
  10. Paul McCartney
  11. Joy to the World
  12. Baby, It's Cold Outside
  13. Chris Rea
  14. All I Want For Christmas Is You
  15. Millennium Prayer (by Cliff Richard)
  16. Walking in the Air
  17. Meet Me in St. Louis
  18. Walking In a Winter Wonderland
  19. River Flows
  20. Santa Baby