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Christmas Traditions Quiz


  1. Traditionally what do naughty kids receive for Christmas?
  2. The English language phrase "Christmas tree" was first recorded in which century?
  3. Since the 16th century which native plant from Mexico has been associated with Christmas?
  4. What is the Scots' word for the last day of the old year?
  5. Which traditional colour of Christmas symbolises eternal life?
  6. In which country's tradition does an old woman called Befana deliver gifts to children?

  7. In the UK, Boxing Day has been a bank holiday since which date: 1871, 1918, or 1957?
  8. Which children's tradition was started in 2005 when Carol Aebersold and her daughter, Chanda Bell, published their book?
  9. On which day of the week is Christmas pudding traditionally made?
  10. Which American cartoon character is a staple of Swedish Christmas culture?
  11. In Victorian times particularly in London, what "club" was a method of saving to buy a festive bird for Christmas Day?
  12. What is it traditional to do on a Boxing Day in Tenby, Wales and also in an event organised by the Lions Club of Sunderland?
  13. The first colour televised Queen's Christmas Day broadcast happened in which year?
  14. Early versions of what tradition were started in Germany in 1903 by publisher Gerhard Land?
  15. Which three letter phrase is often called out by a pantomime audience?
  16. Which country celebrates Christmas with a giant straw goat?
  17. In 1957, the Keller Machine automated the process of making what traditional Christmas product?
  18. It is a Spanish tradition to eat what fruit with each clock bell strike at midnight on December 31 to welcome the New Year?
  19. Which Christmas tradition premiered on December 18th, 1892, in St. Petersburg, Russia?
  20. Which spice obtained from the inner bark of several tree species could be added to a traditional eggnog?


  1. A lump of coal
  2. 19th century (1835)
  3. Poinsettia
  4. Hogmanay
  5. Green
  6. Italy's
  7. 1871
  8. Elf on the Shelf, or Naughty Elf
  9. Sunday
  10. Donald Duck
  11. Goose Club
  12. Swimming in the sea (often in fancy dress)
  13. 1967
  14. Advent Calendars
  15. He's Behind You!
  16. Sweden
  17. Candy Cane
  18. Grapes
  19. The Nutcracker
  20. Cinnamon