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Christmas TV Soaps

Test you knowledge past Christmas episodes of TV soaps

  1. What did Den serve his wife Angie with on Christmas Day 1986?
  2. Who gave a Christmas farewell to become a housekeeper for Dr Lowther?
  3. Nearly 11 million viewers watched which soap character being killed off on Christmas Day 2006?
  4. On New Year's Eve 1998, Tiffany ran into an oncoming car driven by whom?
  5. Was it a bus, train, or tram which hit a joinery and exploded at Christmas 2010?

  6. Who got a star named after her for a Christmas 1994 present?
  7. Who did Bernice marry in a 2000 fairytale wedding?
  8. Where did Kat and Alfie tie the knot on Christmas Day 2003?
  9. Who fell asleep at the wheel of his van and was killed instantly whilst driving to Bolton?
  10. Who did Richard Hillman try to smother with a cushion on Christmas Day, 2002?
  11. Toadie, Zeke, Katya, and Steph become hostages in an epic 2006 festive episode of which soap?
  12. Who did Nick jilt at the altar in 2012?
  13. In a Coronation Street 1990 Christmas storyline, Rosie Webster was born in the back of Don Brenan's taxi in which street?
  14. Who fell to his death after being shoved through a window on his Christmas wedding day?
  15. What was Archie Mitchell hit over the head with at Christmas in 2009?
  16. Who beat up John Stape in the street and was arrested for assault?
  17. Brad Willis and Beth Brennan got wed on Neighbours on Christmas in 1993. Which actress played Beth?
  18. In 2003, villagers protested against journalists wishing to film the 10th anniversary documentary of which event?
  19. Ron Dixon played a reluctant pantomime dame in which soap?
  20. Inspired by Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, who was shown the error of his ways by taking on the role of Scrooge from his hospital bed in Emmerdale in 2017?


  1. Divorce papers
  2. Hilda Ogden
  3. Pauline Fowler
  4. Frank Butcher
  5. Tram (Coronation Street)
  6. Raquel (a present from Curly in 1994)
  7. Local vicar Ashley Thomas (Emmerdale in 2000)
  8. In the Queen Vic
  9. Len Fairclough (Coronation Street, Christmas 1983)
  10. Emily Bishop
  11. Neighbours
  12. Leanne Battersby
  13. Rosamund Street (which she was named after)
  14. Tom King (Emmerdale)

  15. A bust of Queen Victoria
  16. Kevin Webster
  17. Natalie Imbruglia
  18. The Emmerdale plane crash (aired on 30 December 1993)
  19. Brookside
  20. Robert Sugden