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Civil Wars Quiz

Quiz Questions

  1. The Russian Civil War was sparked by which 1917 revolution?
  2. The American Civil War lasted for approximately how many years?
  3. Which 1651 battle was the final action of the English Civil Wars?
  4. Which Basque town was bombed on 26 April 1937, during the Spanish Civil War?

  5. The Anarchy was a civil war in England and Normandy caused by the death of the only legitimate son of King Henry I when he drowned with the accidental sinking of which ship?
  6. After a long military campaign, which country's military defeated the Tamil Tigers in 2009?
  7. The Satsuma Rebellion of 1877 was also the last civil war fought in which country?
  8. The Thousand Days' War was a civil war fought in which South American country from 1899 to 1902?
  9. The War in Darfur was an armed conflict in the Darfur region of which country?
  10. Where did the government of the Republic of China retreat to after losing the Chinese Civil War in 1950?
  11. What was the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War?
  12. The Nigerian Civil War of the late 1960s was a civil war fought between Nigeria and which republic?


  1. October Revolution
  2. 4 years (April 12, 1861 - May 26, 1865)
  3. The Battle of Worcester
  4. Guernica
  5. The White Ship
  6. Sri Lanka's
  7. Japan
  8. Colombia
  9. Sudan
  10. Taiwan (Formosa)
  11. Gettysburg (1863)
  12. Republic of Biafra