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Classic Coronation Street

Quiz - test you knowledge of old Corrie episodes

  1. What was Betty's hotshot?
  2. Who played the character Leonard Swindley between 1960 and 1965?

  3. What was Curly Watts' hobby?
  4. What was the occupation of Maggie Dunlop who had a brief relationship with Mike Baldwin?
  5. What was the name of the son of Annie and Jack Walker?
  6. Who left in October 1997 to run a guest house in the Lake District?
  7. Betty married Cyril Turpin in 1949, what was his occupation?
  8. What was the name of Brian Tilsley's mother?
  9. Who passed away while resting in an armchair just after midnight on New Year's Day 1999?
  10. Who is remembered for always wearing a hairnet?
  11. Who was the resident caretaker of the Community Centre from 1983 to 1988?
  12. Who got the special wallpaper for Hilda Ogden's mural?
  13. In March 1987, an amazing 27 million people watched which character get hit by a tram in Blackpool?
  14. Valerie Barlow died plugging in what?
  15. Who played the fictional character Lewis Archer?
  16. On Christmas Eve 1990, who was born in the back of Don Brenan's taxi?
  17. Who was killed in a shooting during a factory burglary in 1978?
  18. Which character's final appearance came in January 1984 with emigration to Portugal?
  19. Who enroled with a video dating agency referring to himself as "Vince St. Clair"?
  20. What happened to Fred Gee's green Rover car on a trip to the Lake District in 1983?
  21. Which actress played Ken Barlow's love interest Elaine Perkins for several episodes in 1973?
  22. Hilda Ogden departed to Derbyshire to start a new life as the housekeeper for which doctor?
  23. Which character was first seen in 1985 as a school-leaver working in Jim's Cafe?
  24. Salad from whose allotment caused sickness in the street when it was sold at the Corner Shop in 1978?
  25. In 1973, who invited herself to become Mayoress when mayor Alf Roberts needed a partner?
  26. What was the name of the dog that climbed into Les Battersby and Cilla Brown's bath before it plunged through the floor?
  27. Who was the grandfather of Vicky Arden?
  28. What was the first name of the character played by Sarah Lancashire?
  29. Who died in a motorway accident while returning home from his secret mistress Marjorie Proctor?
  30. Can you remember the Weatherfield Council secretary who had an affair with Ken Barlow in 1989 which lead to his first divorce from Deidre?


  1. A racehorse (owned by Jack Duckworth, Fred Elliott, Don Brennan, Billy Williams and Alf Roberts)
  2. Arthur Lowe
  3. Astronomy
  4. Florist
  5. Billy Walker
  6. Mavis Wilton (also Mavis Riley)
  7. Policeman
  8. Ivy
  9. Alf Roberts
  10. Ena Sharples
  11. Percy Sugden
  12. Eddie Yates
  13. Alan Bradley
  14. A hairdryer (and was given an electric shock)
  15. Nigel Havers
  16. Rosie Webster
  17. Ernie Bishop
  18. Elsie Tanner (or Elsie Gregory)
  19. Jack Duckworth (in 1983)
  20. Ended up in a lake
  21. Joanna Lumley
  22. Doctor Lowther
  23. Martin Platt
  24. Albert Tatlock's
  25. Annie Walker
  26. Shmeichel
  27. Alec Gilroy
  28. Raquel
  29. Len Fairclough
  30. Wendy Crozier (Wendy Papadopoulos)