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Collective Nouns of Birds

Questions: most common nouns used to name groups of birds

  1. A 'm' crows
  2. An 'a' of cuckoos
  3. A 'm' of starlings
  4. A 'p' of owls

  5. An 'o' of canaries
  6. A 'c' of budgerigars
  7. A 'c' of blackbirds
  8. A 'c' of wrens
  9. A 'g' of geese on land
  10. An 'u' of ravens
  11. A 'd' of woodpeckers
  12. A 'c' of goldfinches
  13. A 'm' of emus
  14. A 'f' of woodcock
  15. A 'd' of lapwings
  16. A 'w' of buzzards
  17. A 'c' of penguins

Answers: collective nouns

  1. A murder of crows
  2. An asylum of cuckoos
  3. A murmuration of starlings
  4. A parliament of owls
  5. An opera of canaries
  6. A chatter of budgerigars
  7. A cloud of blackbirds
  8. A chime of wrens
  9. A gaggle of geese on land
  10. An unkindness of ravens
  11. A descent of woodpeckers
  12. A charm of goldfinches
  13. A mob of emus
  14. A fall of woodcock
  15. A deceit of lapwings
  16. A wake of buzzards
  17. A colony of penguins