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Colombia Quiz


  1. Name the capital and largest city in Colombia?
  2. Does Colombia have a coastline: (a) on the Pacific ocean, (B) the Atlantic ocean, or (C) on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans?
  3. Name Columbia's first ever president who took office in 1819?
  4. Which Colombian singer and songwriter has been referred to as the "Queen of Latin Music"?
  5. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta range is often treated as the northern part of which mountain range?

  6. One of the longest rivers in South America, which river flows only through Venezuela and Colombia?
  7. The largest flying bird in the world is also the national bird of Colombia. What is it?
  8. What is the population of Colombia: (a) 32 million, (b) 42 million, or (c) 52 million?
  9. The country is by far the world's largest producer of which green coloured gemstone?
  10. Which American TV programme that premiered in 2006 was based on a Colombian television series by Fernando Gaitan?
  11. Which country declared its independence from Colombia in 1903?
  12. Which five countries border Colombia?
  13. Colombian actress Sofia Vergara plays Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in which American situation comedy?
  14. Former professional goalkeeper Rene Higuita is said to have invented what sort of kick?


  1. Bogota
  2. (C) on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
  3. General Simon Bolivar
  4. Shakira
  5. Andes Mountains
  6. Orinoco river
  7. Andean condor
  8. (c) 52 million
  9. Emeralds
  10. Ugly Betty
  11. Panama
  12. Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela
  13. Modern Family
  14. The scorpion kick