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Computer Keyboard Quiz

Test Your Keyboard Knowledge

  1. Which six letters appear first on the top letters' row of the traditional computer keyboard?
  2. According to research, which keys is pressed most frequently on computer keyboards?
  3. A combination of which three keys is a well-known shortcut to close any application that's not responding?

  4. Which word is formed by the two top right letters on a keyboard?
  5. Which is the only vowel not found on a standard keyboard's top letters' line?
  6. Function keys are shortcuts located on the top row of the keyboard. How many are there?
  7. Which punctuation mark shares a key with the number 1?
  8. Which key moves the cursor several spaces forward at once or to the next text box on a form?
  9. The forward slash is located on the same key as which punctuation mark?
  10. Which key on a computer keyboard causes all letters to be generated in capital letters?
  11. Which letter is at the end of the second row of letters?
  12. Small ridges are found on two keys to help users correctly position their left and right hands. Which two keys?
  13. Which symbol will you get if your press the shift and number 3 keys at the same time?
  14. The name of which American state is the only one whose letters are all on the same row of a keyboard?


  2. Spacebar
  3. ctrl alt delete
  4. OP
  5. Twelve (F1 to F12)
  6. A
  7. Exclamation mark
  8. TAB key
  9. Question mark
  10. caps lock
  11. L
  12. F and J keys
  13. Pound symbol (£)
  14. Alaska (middle row)