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Connect Two

Each question has two clues with different answers but what word is shared by both answers? An example question is...

Phrase coined by astronomer Fred Hoyle and 1958 American Western film starring Gregory Peck and Charlton Heston...
the answer and connection we need is BIG (from the pair of answers: 'The Big Bang' and 'Big Country')

Questions - find the connecting word in each pair of answers

  1. Who wrote the post nuclear war novel On the Beach and a character in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.
  2. Who wrote The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra and the he fourth Walton child.
  3. The Patron Saint of desperation and the single which was the Beatles' first release on their Apple record label.
  4. The science advisor on the first Star Trek film and the only son of Abraham and Sarah in the book of Genesis.

  5. Film based on the brutal treatment of Billy Hayes was a nickname sometimes given to Norway.
  6. With much media attention it was cancelled on 10 May, 2019 and a Scottish term for a strait.
  7. Historical event referred to as Black 47 and a character whic appeared in the Toy Story franchise.
  8. Used to lift heavy loads and founder of a DIY store in Southampton in March 1969.
  9. American nickname for the wheel clamp and American singer-songwriter Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.
  10. Leading sex symbol of the early 1930s and a town in Essex?
  11. An award for excellence in the Australian television industry and a Scottish inventor.
  12. Double the size of a standard bottle and a guest at Robin's Nest.
  13. Battle that took place from 25 September to 8 October 1915 in France and the author of the 1925 comin novel, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
  14. American bodybuilder who once described himself as a "scrawny weakling" and a mountain range in the Maghreb in North Africa.
  15. James Kildare worked at this fictional large hospital and the general stores in Take the High Road.
  16. Sold the Virgin Islands to the USA and Hamlet.
  17. Elected to the Tennessee state legislature in 1821 and partner to Ricardo Tubbs.
  18. The first day of Lent and Rowan.
  19. Starred as Miss Marple in a series of films in the early 1960s and the father of nuclear physics.
  20. Often found in golf shag bags and a British drama series set in Cardale.
  21. Live Aid took place here in 1985 and a 1940 American romantic comedy film starring Cary Grant.
  22. A major road in the West End of London and a town in Dorset with a steep cobbled street made famous by the Hovis advert.


  1. Neville (Nevil Shute and Neville Hope)
  2. Benjamin (Benjamin Britain and Benjamin)
  3. Jude (St. Jude and Hey Jude)
  4. Isaac (Isaac Asimov and Isaac)
  5. Midnight (Midnight Express and Land of the Midnight Sun)
  6. Kyle (The Jeremy Kyle Show and Kyle)
  7. Potato (Irish Potato Famine and Mr. Potato Head)
  8. Block (Block and Tackle and Richard Block (B&Q was founded by Richard Block and David Quayle))
  9. Denver (Denver Boot and John Denver)
  10. Harlow (Jean Harlow and Harlow)
  11. Logie (Logie and John Logie Baird)
  12. Magnum (Magnum and Thomas Magnum)
  13. Loos (Loos and Anita Loos)
  14. Atlas (Charles Atlas and Atlas Mountains)
  15. Blaire (Blaire General Hospital and Blair's Stores)
  16. Denmark (Denmark and Prince of Denmark)
  17. Crockett (Davy Crockett and "Sonny" Crockett (Miami Vice TV series))
  18. Ash (Ash Wednesday and Mountain Ash)
  19. Rutherford (Margaret Rutherford and Ernest Rutherford)
  20. Practice (practice balls and Peak Practice)
  21. Philadelphia (Philadelphia and The Philadelphia Story)
  22. Shaftesbury (Shaftesbury Avenue and Shaftesbury)