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Connections Quiz Questions I

  1. Which city is the second-most populous city in South Africa?
  2. Which structured- reality television series broadcast by E4 is mostly shot in the West London areas of Belgravia, Kings Road, and Knightsbridge?
  3. What does the acronym FSBO mean?
  4. Which cosmetics company was founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick?
  5. Nuuk is the capital of which autonomous country?
  6. What's the connection?


  1. Cape Town
  2. Made in Chelsea
  3. For Sale By Owner
  4. The Body Shop
  5. Greenland
  6. Connection: Words that may have HOME in front of them.
    (Hometown, homemade, homeowner, homebody, and homeland.)

Connections Quiz Questions II

  1. What V-shaped pattern is also a symbol used on highway signs to guide drivers around curves?
  2. Which artist's most famous work is The Persistence of Memory?
  3. What item do superstitious sailors believe nailing to the mast will help their vessel avoid storms?
  4. Which Mexican led the 1910 to 1920 Mexican Revolution?
  5. What animal featured with the 'carpenter' in a Lewis Carroll poem?
  6. What's the connection?


  1. A chevron
  2. Salvador Dali
  3. Horseshoe
  4. Pancho Villa
  5. Walrus
  6. Connection: Types of moustache.

Connections Quiz Questions III

  1. Which author's fictional works have been turned into commercially successful films including The Hunt for Red October and Patriot Games?
  2. What are Watling Street, Ermine Street and the Fosse Way?
  3. Which intercity coach service, with its red, white and blue theme, is one of the UK's biggest transport providers?
  4. What Palace is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords?
  5. Which decisive major German offensive was launched through the densely forested Ardennes mountain region at the end of World War Two?
  6. What's the connection?


  1. Tom Clancy
  2. Roman roads
  3. National Express
  4. Palace of Westminster
  5. Battle of the Bulge
  6. Connection: Abbeys.
    (Abbey Clancy, Abbey Road, Abbey National, Westminster Abbey, and Battle Abbey.)

Connections Quiz Questions IV

  1. 1) Which Coldplay singer-songwriter married Gwyneth Paltrow in 2003?
  2. 2) Who is the first Disney Princess and the first fictional female character with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
  3. 3) What is the SI unit of force?
  4. 4) Which economist was first Scotsman to feature on an English banknote?
  5. 5) In which American city would you find Little Italy?
  6. 6) Which circa 14th-century Swiss patriot who rallied his country against the Austrians is the subject of a Rossini opera?
  7. What's the connection?


  1. Chris Martin
  2. Snow White
  3. Newton
  4. Adam Smith
  5. New York
  6. William Tell
  7. Connection: Apple.
    (Chris Martin gave his daughter the unusual name of Apple, Snow White ate a poisoned apple, Newton famously observed a falling apple and related it to gravity, Adam's apple, New York is the Big Apple (nn), William Tell in folklore shot an apple off his son's head.)

Connections Quiz Questions V

  1. Who was elected as Member of Parliament for Falmouth and Camborne in 1992 for the Conservative Party?
  2. Who scored the 'Hand of God' goal against England in the 1986 Football World Cup?
  3. Which Spanish actor was married to actress Melanie Griffith?
  4. The Naked Civil Servant is a 1975 television film based on whose 1968 autobiography?
  5. Who do the football media call 'The Special One'?
  6. Which surrealist painter's best-known work is The Persistence of Memory?
  7. What's the connection?


  1. Sebastian Coe
  2. Diego Maradona
  3. Antonio Banderas
  4. Quentin Crisp
  5. Jose Mourinho
  6. Salvador Dali
  7. Connection: The word 'San' will go before the words to form a place name.
    (San Sebastian, San Diego, San Antonio, San Quentin, San Jose, and San Salvador.)

Connections Quiz Questions VI

  1. What noun is a fixed amount of a commodity officially allowed to each person during a time of shortage, particularly as in wartime?
  2. Which French historical novel by Victor Hugo, first published in 1862, is considered to be one of the great novels?
  3. Which Australian television soap opera is set in the fictional town of Summer Bay?
  4. Which chemical element has the symbol Fe and atomic number 26?
  5. What's the connection?


  1. Ration
  2. Les Miserables
  3. Home and Away
  4. Iron
  5. Connection: Words that can have the word CAST in front of them.
    (Castration, castles, castaway and cast iron.)

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