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Continents Quiz


  1. Although Europe might appear larger than Africa on some maps, Africa is actually how many times bigger than Europe: (a) 1.5 times, (b) 2 times, or (c) 3 times?
  2. Which of the seven continents is the largest?
  3. Istanbul is the only city located on two continents. Which waterway separates the European and Asian shores of the city?
  4. Which is the smallest out of the seven continents?

  5. What man-made construction divides North and South America?
  6. Which country is on both Africa and Asia?
  7. Asia has the largest population, but which continent has the second largest?
  8. Vanuatu is an island country located on which continent?
  9. Vinson Massif is a large mountain mass on which continent?
  10. Is Greenland part of the North American continent, or part of Europe?
  11. Which continent has the most number of countries?
  12. Which mountains form a natural divide between Europe and Asia?
  13. Which continent is the only one through which the Tropic of Cancer, the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn pass?
  14. According to some geographers, Europe and Asia are a single continent called what?
  15. North America and Europe are moving away from each other at the rate of how many inches per year?
  16. On which continent is the driest place on earth?
  17. Which continent has the most French speakers?
  18. About 300 milion years ago, North America, Africa, South America, and Europe, all existed as a single continent called what?


  1. (c) 3 times
  2. Asia
  3. The Bosphorus
  4. Oceania, or Australasia
  5. Panama Canal
  6. Egypt
  7. Africa
  8. Oceania, or Australasia
  9. Antarctica
  10. North America (although geopolitically the island is part of Europe)
  11. Africa
  12. The Urals
  13. Africa
  14. Eurasia
  15. One inch per year
  16. South America (Atacama Desert in Chile)
  17. Africa
  18. Pangea