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10 Cookery Quiz Questions


  1. Which pasta has a cylindrical shape and diagonally cut ends?
  2. What is the well known name of the French dish of stewed vegetables that originated in Nice?
  3. Which food additive is made from animal bones and skin?
  4. Which type of stew, typically made from chunks of meat, potatoes and onion, is particularly associated with Liverpool?

  5. Which Italian white bread with a name meaning 'slipper' is often used to make a panini?
  6. What word used to refer to any dish prepared with potatoes comes from the name of an 18th century French pharmacist and nutritionist?
  7. Which Italian pasta dish is made with eggs, hard cheese, cured pork, and black pepper?
  8. Which food is also called Dublin Bay Prawn or Norway Lobster?
  9. Which condiment is a traditional mustard of France, named after a town in Burgundy?
  10. What type of fish is used in an Omelette Arnold Bennett?


  1. Penne
  2. Ratatouille
  3. Gelatin
  4. Scouse
  5. Ciabatta
  6. Parmentier (Antoine-Augustin Parmentier)
  7. Carbonara
  8. Scampi

  9. Dijon
  10. Smoked haddock

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