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Coronation of King Charles III


  1. After the coronation, will Camilla be known as Queen Camilla or Queen Consort Camilla?
  2. The plans for the coronation are code-named operation what?
  3. The investiture of the then Prince Charles was held in 1969 at which castle in North Wales?
  4. King Charles has three middle names, can you give two of them?

  5. What is the name of the Archbishop of Canterbury who will crown King Charles III and his wife?
  6. What is the procession called that will see the King and the Queen arrive at Westminster Abbey from Buckingham Palace?
  7. Broadcast by the BBC, on 7th May 2023, a special Coronation Concert will take place where?
  8. How old was Charles when he attended his mother's coronation?
  9. The Coronation Ring will be placed on the King's fourth finger. By what other name is it known?
  10. King Edward I fitted which stone into the 700-year old Coronation Chair?
  11. The sovereign is anointed during the ceremony using a gold vessel holding consecrated oil called an Ampulla. It is cast in the form of which animal?
  12. It was announced that the new Queen will be replacing the traditional lady-in-waiting term with which more modern title?
  13. What is the name of the exceptionally heavy solid gold 17th Century crown the new King will be crowned with?
  14. Which year saw the last time a Queen Consort and King were crowned together?


  1. Queen Camilla
  2. Operation Golden Orb
  3. Caernarfon Castle
  4. Philip, Arthur, and George
  5. Justin Welby
  6. The King's Procession
  7. Windsor Castle
  8. Four
  9. The Wedding Ring of England
  10. The Stone of Scone – also known as the Stone of Destiny
  11. An eagle
  12. Queen's companions
  13. St Edward's Crown
  14. 1937 (George VI's)