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Coronation Street Quiz - test your Corrie knowledge

32 Quiz Questions

  1. It was announced in January 2011 that which character would be returning to the soap once again after a 43-year absence?
  2. What's the first names of Ken Barlow's twin children?
  3. Who did Bet Lynch marry?
  4. Which character was played by Eileen Derbyshire?
  5. Who were the two main characters which featured in the most watched Coronation Street episode ever?

  6. Which actor played pensioner Ernie Crabbe, who turned up to buy an exercise bike from Jack Duckworth?
  7. What was the name of the fictional character played by Nigel Havers who was a love interest for Audrey Roberts?
  8. Who ran the grocery shop at No. 15 and was heavily involved in local politics, including two spells as mayor of Weatherfield?
  9. Who did Derek Wilton leave at the alter?
  10. What was the first name of the philandering taxi driver played by Craig Charles who joined the cast in 2005?
  11. The 1987 Christmas Day episode was one of the most-watched episodes of all time; what was the main storyline?
  12. Who had a relationship with florist Maggie Dunlop?
  13. What sort of disaster marked the live 50th anniversary of the show in 2010?
  14. As of 2020, who is Coronation Street's most married character?
  15. Geoffrey Nugent was the Street's first "eco-warrior", by what name was he better known?
  16. Who run the Rovers Return between landlords Alec Gilroy and Fred Elliot?
  17. Can you remember the first name of Deirdre Barlow's mother?
  18. On 13 May 1964, who died of a heart attack in the Snug of the Rovers Return?
  19. Who played the character Leonard Swindley between 1960 and 1965?
  20. Name the show's first ever gay character?
  21. Who did Fizz's husband John Stape have an affair with in 2007?
  22. Which actor played Curly Watts? And what was Curly's real name?
  23. Which character was played by Michelle Keegan?
  24. How many times has Rita Tanner been married?
  25. What is the name of the fast-food outlet located adjacent to Roy's Rolls at 18 Victoria Street?
  26. Betty Turpin's policeman husband died in 1974, was his name: (a) Cyril, (b) George, (c) Billy, or (d) Harry?
  27. Which job at Bessie Street has been held by Albert, Percy Sugden, Jack Duckworth and Dennis Tanner?
  28. Which band popped into the Rovers after a concert in the area and ended up thumping Les Battersby?
  29. In Corrie's fictional history, the street was named in honour of the coronation of which monarch?
  30. In October 1969 Street residents were injured in a coach accident that killed the driver, what was the main difference after the crash?
  31. Which pub is historically the biggest rival pub to the "Rovers Return"?
  32. Before becoming Mrs. Rodwell, Gail has had five previous surnames, what are they?


  1. Dennis Tanner
  2. Peter and Susan
  3. Alec Gilroy
  4. Emily Bishop
  5. Alan Bradley and Rita Fairclough (26.93 million people watched the villain (Bradley) get hit by a tram in Blackpool)
  6. Norman Wisdom
  7. Lewis Archer
  8. Alf Roberts
  9. Mavis Riley
  10. Lloyd (Lloyd Mullaney)
  11. Hilda Ogden left the Street (to be a char to her doctor in the country)
  12. Mike Baldwin
  13. A tram crash
  14. Steve McDonald (as of 2020, having been married seven times to five women)
  15. Spider (he was Emily Bishop's nephew)
  16. Natalie Barness
  17. Blanche
  18. Martha Longhurst
  19. Arthur Lowe
  20. Todd Grimshaw
  21. Rossie Webster (played by Helen Flanagan)
  22. Kevin Kennedy, Norman

  23. Tina McIntyre
  24. Three (to Len Fairclough, Ted Sullivan and Dennis Tanner)
  25. Prima Doner
  26. (a) Cyril
  27. Lollipop man
  28. Status Quo
  29. King Edward VII (it was built in 1902)
  30. Coronation Street was in colour (the accident happened in black and white, the next episode characters recovered in colour)
  31. The Flying Horse
  32. Potter, Tilsley, Platt, Hillman, and McIntyre