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Moved Capital Cities


  1. Nigeria transferred its capital from Lagos in 1991 to which city?
  2. Myanmar's military rulers moved its capital from Rangoon in 2005 to which city?
  3. Which city became the new capital of Kazakhstan in 1997?
  4. Brasilia replaced which city as the capital of Brazil in the 1960?

  5. In 1959 Pakistan decided to move its capital from Karachi to which city?
  6. Which country got a new capital called Dodoma in the mid-1980s, although most of its government buildings remain in Dar es Salaam?
  7. Which country's biggest city is Abidjan, although Yamoussoukro was made its capital in 1983?
  8. Which Central American country's government was moved to the new capital of Belmopan in 1970?
  9. Which city was retained as the German seat of government until 1999?
  10. Which African country is constructing a new capital to relieve congestion of its present capital which as a population of over 22 million?


  1. Abuja
  2. Naypyidaw
  3. Astana
  4. Rio de Janeiro
  5. Islamabad
  6. Tanzania
  7. Ivory Coast, or Cote d'Ivoire
  8. Belize
  9. Bonn
  10. Egypt