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Printable Country Outlines Quiz

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What is the country outlines quiz?

Can you guess the country from its outline? This quiz is one of our favourites. A popular handout round in which you identify countries from their outlines. The countries are mostly well known nations you should recognise from their shape with a few trickier ones thrown in. Do you know the individual shapes and outlines of countries without looking at their size or position on a map?

Printable quizzes

Twenty outlines of countries with a margin to write your answers on the same sheet. The images used in our quizzes are all public domain images. This quiz is free to download and print out instantly. Great for a school geography quiz or pub quiz handout. Prints onto A4 paper.

Download and print a ready-made quiz!

image of a printer Twenty outlines of countries in PDf format which will print onto one A4 page. You may know what the outline of Australia looks like but what about Croatia, Finland or Spain?

Download our question sheet: COUNTRY OUTLINES HANDOUT
And the answers: ANSWERS

Above questions on one A4 page, with answers on a separate sheet. Print answers out once and the quiz sheets as many times as required.
IMPORTANT: Print out the question sheet using the LANDSCAPE mode page settings in your printer controls.
(The answers are in POTRAIT printing mode.)

Country Outlines Sheet

Here's what our quiz sheet looks like. It's fun and user friendly. Perfect for a geography handout quiz.