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Crime Quiz I

  1. Spencer Perceval is the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated; who shot him?
  2. In July 2008, who was acquitted of the Jill Dando murder and freed from prison?
  3. The first and last names of the young English girl murdered by clerk Frederick Baker in 1867 gave us which well known three word expression?
  4. Which mountain pass in the Big Horn Mountains of Johnson County, Wyoming, lent its name to an the American Wild West gang?
  5. What name was given to the attempt to murder Prime Minister Lord Liverpool and his British cabinet in 1820?

  6. In 1963, what was the name given to the five spy members that included Kim Philby, Donald Maclean and Guy Burgess?
  7. Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed and killed by police in 1934 in which American state? And can you give their last names?
  8. In 2008, in West Yorkshire, who planned the kidnapping of her daughter Shannon to generate money from the publicity? And name the Sheridan Smith BBC drama made about the case?
  9. What name was given to an illicit establishment that sold alcohol in the United States during the Prohibition era?
  10. In 1932, the kidnapping of whose 20-month-old child was dubbed the crime of the century?
  11. Britain's most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson changed his name once again in 2014; what is his new name?
  12. Fred and Rose West's house, known as 'the House of Horrors', is in which street?
  13. What sort of accident did Johhn Darwin fake in 2007 to fraudulently claim life insurance?
  14. Which actress played Violet Kray in the 1990 British drama film The Krays?
  15. Which English boxer, bouncer, and actor was also known as 'The Guv'nor'?


  1. John Bellingham
  2. Barry George
  3. Sweet Fanny Adams
  4. Hole-in-the-Wall
  5. The Cato Street Conspiracy
  6. The Cambridge Five
  7. Louisiana. (Bonnie) Parker and (Clyde) Barrow
  8. Karen Matthews. The Moorside.
  9. Speakeasy
  10. Charles Lindbergh's
  11. Charles Salvador
  12. Cromwell Street
  13. A canoeing accident
  14. Billie Whitelaw
  15. Lenny McClean

Crime Quiz Questions II

  1. Which American lady gained infamy in 1892 for being tried and acquitted for the 1892 axe murders of her father and stepmother?
  2. Which notorious prison was English novelist Charles Dickens' father sent to in 1824 for debt to a baker, when Dickens was 12?
  3. In 1915, English serial killer and bigamist George Joseph Smith was hanged for the slayings of three women, what did the case become known as?
  4. Versions of which famous painting were stolen from the Munich Museum in 2004 and the National Gallery in Oslo in 1994?
  5. Which drug smuggler published a best-selling autobiography called Mr Nice?
  6. What name is given to the fraudulent investment operation where the operator generates returns for older investors through revenue paid by new investors? And name the ex-NASDAQ non-executive chairman who defrauded investors out of an estimated 65 billion dollars with such a scheme?
  7. In which years was the last execution in the UK?
  8. Also known as the Battle of Stepney, name the 1911 gunfight in the East End of London between a police and army force and two revolutionaries? And which modern day country were the revolutionaries from?
  9. Which farm was the hideaway of The Great Train Robbers?
  10. Name the pub in which George Cornell was shot and killed by Ronnie Kray? And can you name the Kray's mother?
  11. What was the first name of Dr. Cripppen and the infamous address associated with his murders? And name the ship he tried to escape across the Atlantic on?
  12. What links Charles J. Guiteau and Leon Czolgosz?
  13. Which alternative name for the Mafia means 'our thing' in Italian?
  14. Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theatre in 1865?
  15. Give the nicknames of the following famous criminals: (a) Albert DeSalvo, (b) Lester Gillis, (c) Joaquin Guzman, (d) Heidi Fleiss, and (e) David Berkowitz?


  1. Lizzie Borden
  2. Marshalsea
  3. Brides in the Bath Murders
  4. The Scream (did you know there were four versions of The Scream created by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch)
  5. Howard Marks
  6. A Ponzi scheme. Bernard Madoff.

  7. 1964
  8. Siege of Sidney Street. Latvia.
  9. Leatherslade Farm
  10. The Blind Beggar. Violet.
  11. Hawley, and 10 Rillington Place. SS Montrose.
  12. Both assissinated U.S. presidents (James Garfield and William McKinley respectively)
  13. Costa Nostra
  14. John Wilkes Booth
  15. (a)The Boston Strangler, (b) Baby Face Nelson, (c) El Chapo, (d) Hollywood Madam, and (e) Son of Sam