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Croatia Quiz and Answers


  1. Which city is Croatia's capital?
  2. Is the population of Croatia closer to: (a) 4 million, (b) 8 million, or (c) 12 million?
  3. Which Croatian former tennis player won Wimbledon in 2001?
  4. What did Croatia join on 1 April, 2009?

  5. The coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia consists of a main shield which is a checkerboard consisting of which two colours?
  6. Josip Broz was born in 1892 in Kumrovec, a village in northern Croatia. By what name do we better know him?
  7. Croatia's coast lies entirely on which sea?
  8. The Croatian national football team reached the FIFA World Cup Final in which year?
  9. The origins of which dog breed can be traced back to an historical region of present-day Croatia?
  10. Which Croatian city is known for the series of defensive stone walls surrounding it?
  11. Which inventor born in 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia, is known for designing the alternating-current electric system?
  12. Which city is the second-largest city in Croatia?


  1. Zagreb
  2. (a) 4 million
  3. Goran Ivanisevic
  4. NATO
  5. Red and white
  6. Tito, or Marshal Tito
  7. Adriatic Sea
  8. 2018
  9. The Dalmatian (and the region is Dalmatia)
  10. Dubrovnik
  11. Nicola Tesla
  12. Split