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Cryptic Anagrams

Get the answer from the anagram hidden in the statement

  1. Famous artist has vindaloo and rice for final evening meal. (8,2,5)
  2. Apple, Google and Coca-Cola, etc., are famous for their bad manners. (5,5)
  3. Search into Tesco, or Sainsbury's, or Asda. (5,5)
  4. Spotter plane spoiling the fruit in round containers. (6,6)

  5. Difficult actress interviewed in Germany. (3,4)
  6. Goal is to search buildings and graves of people who lived in the past. (14)
  7. Promises a moth or butterfly. (13)
  8. Notions we rarely use on December 31. (3,5,10)
  9. Self evident this is not the hurdles or sprints. (5,5)
  10. Ming Vase strictly made from only plants. (8)
  11. Starting point is a sturdy notebook and anorak in Edinburgh. (5,8)
  12. Outline or sharp shadow of a hotel suite with all the detail blacked out. (10)


  1. Leonardo da Vinci (vindaloo and rice)
  2. Brand names (bad manners)
  3. Chain store (search into)
  4. Rotten apples (spotter plane)
  5. Meg Ryan (Germany)
  6. Archaeologists (goal is to search)
  7. Metamorphosis (promises a moth)
  8. New Year's Resolution (notions we rarely use)
  9. Field event (self evident)
  10. Veganism (Ming Vase)
  11. Train spotting (starting point)
  12. Silhouette (hotel suite)

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