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Cryptic Quizzes

Clues I

  1. Films: Duke's 1960 battle?
  2. Television: Sitcom from further south?
  3. US Cities: Small sideways movement?
  4. Films: Mixed up act in it?
  5. Television: Depressed Apostle?
  6. Music: Band for a rainy day in Lancashire?
  7. History: Battle for instrument of conflicting size?
  8. Television: Sitcom still burning?
  9. Cartoon Character: Verbally surprise grizzly twice?
  10. Countries: A thousand in front of Irish singer?
  11. Television: Programming language that sounds similar to observe?
  12. Capital cities: An opening between a nasty happening and a mineral containing rock?


  1. The Alamo
  2. Extras
  3. Little Rock
  4. Titanic
  5. Blue Peter
  6. Fleetwood Mac
  7. Battle of the Little BigHorn
  8. Not Going Out
  9. Boo-Boo Bear
  10. Kenya
  11. Crimewatch
  12. Singapore

Clues II (British cities and towns)

  1. Which film director?
  2. A chocolate bar without for instance?
  3. Horse moves to old Lancashire town?
  4. Bovine car?
  5. College tutor allow easy movement?
  6. Steely grey metal with a feminine sheep?
  7. Storage piece with medical drama?
  8. A laminated material with your cavity?
  9. Mixing a fish?
  10. Keep supplied coastal area?
  11. Keep teasing?
  12. An Italian river with a Spanish expression of encouragement?
  13. Hold a vigil besides an area of open land?
  14. Witches give it a go?


  1. Watford
  2. York
  3. Canterbury
  4. Oxford
  5. Doncaster
  6. Crewe
  7. Chester
  8. Plymouth
  9. Stirling
  10. Stockport
  11. Taunton
  12. Poole

  13. Wakefield
  14. Coventry

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