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Dad's Army


  1. Which fictional seaside resort is the setting for Dad's Army?
  2. Which British Army band played the theme: "Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler?"?
  3. Who told the story of the old empty barn?
  4. Private Frank Pike is not called up to the regular army due to what?

  5. By what nickname does ARP Chief Warden Hodges often address Captain Mainwaring?
  6. Which platoon member earned the Military Medal during the Battle of the Somme?
  7. Never seen on-screen, what is the name of Mainwaring's reclusive wife?
  8. When Godfrey's cottage is under threat from the building of a new aerodrome, who blackmails the minister in charge to save it?
  9. In many episodes, Corporal Jones recalls his participation facing the "Fuzzy Wuzzies" in which battle in the Sudan?
  10. Captain Square was the commanding officer of which rival platoon?
  11. Which member of the platoon had an allergy to corned beef?
  12. In 'Getting the Bird' it is revealed that who has an adult daughter?
  13. In the episode the 'Battle of the Giants!' the men are all wearing their medals on parade except for Pike. What is Pike wearing instead?
  14. What do the platoon fire from a Smith Gun during a Home Guard efficiency test in the fourth episode of the sixth series?
  15. What is the first name of Pike's mother, who is also in a relationship with Sergeant Wilson?
  16. Which well-known actress played Private Walker's girlfriend, Shirley?
  17. In the episode 'The Deadly Attachment' the platoon get to meet some Germans face-to-face. What was put down Corporal Jones's trousers?
  18. Actor Colin Bean was best known for his role as which Dad's Army character?
  19. What was Maurice Yeatman's clerical title at St Aldhelm's Church?
  20. At a regimental dinner it is discovered that Captain Mainwaring can play which musical instrument?
  21. Actor Ian Lavender was invited to choose Pike's scarf from the BBC costume department so he chose his favourite team's colours. Which team?
  22. Who married Lance-Corporal Jones in the final episode?


  1. Walmington-on-Sea
  2. The Coldstream Guards Band
  3. Private Frazer
  4. His rare blood group
  5. Napoleon
  6. Private Godfrey (where he served with distinction as a stretcher bearer)
  7. Elizabeth
  8. Private Frazer
  9. Battle of Omdurman
  10. Eastgate Platoon
  11. Private Walker
  12. Sergeant Wilson
  13. His scout badges
  14. Onions (in the episode 'We Know Our Onions')
  15. Mavis
  16. Wendy Richard
  17. A grenade
  18. Private Sponge
  19. The verger
  20. Bagpipes
  21. Aston Villa
  22. Mrs Fox