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Welcome to our Danger Quiz - 25 questions all about dangerous things and danger!

Quiz I

  1. Danger UXB was a 1979 British television series - what does UXB mean?
  2. We need two words. Complete the title of a 2002 biographical spy film directed by George Clooney: "Confessions of a ....."?
  3. The distress call before SOS was CQD - what do these initails stand for?
  4. Working for which service was so dangerous that an employment advert for it once allegedly included: "Willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred."?
  5. Which British sportman once said: "I love the adrenalin kick that danger brings."?
  6. On British roads, what inside a triangular road sign means 'other danger'?

  7. "A little learning is a dangerous thing" is the first line in the 1709 poem An Essay on Criticism. Name the poet who wrote it?
  8. Who plays British Embassy officer Jill Bryant opposite Mel Gibson in the 1982 Australian romantic drama film, The Year of Living Dangerously?
  9. What did Del and Rodney Trotter try to deliver to Dirty Barry in an episode called "Danger UXD"?
  10. The first modern bungee jumps were made on 1 April 1979 from which British bridge?
  11. Sometimes it's said that the most dangerous job in America is that of U.S. President - how many Presidents have been assassinated whilst in office?
  12. Which fruit is well known for having dangerous interactions with some medicines?
  13. Who once said: "All great ideas are dangerous."?
  14. The Dangerous Sports Club, a group of extreme sports pioneers active in the 1970s and 80s, was associated with which institution?
  15. The waters around which Cape at the most extreme southern tip of Chile are known for being rough and dangerous?
  16. American President George W Bush once claimed that which musician was "the most dangerous threat to American children since polio"?
  17. What names (first name and surname) link a famous American actor and Michael Peterson, who was once described as 'Britain's most dangerous prisoner'?
  18. Which large land mammal is the most deadliest in Africa, killing an estimated 500 people per year?
  19. Which dangerous hobby is also known as funambulism?
  20. Which 1960's British TV series featured Patrick McGoohan as secret agent John Drake?
  21. "Dangerous Woman" is the third studio album by which American singer?
  22. Which American TV game show created by Merv Griffin has a title which could be another word for 'danger'?
  23. Measured by the number of humans killed per year, mosquitoes and humans are the deadliest animals to humans worldwide - what comes next in the list?
  24. Danger Point is a coastal feature and cliff face near Budleigh Salterton in which English county?
  25. Which American singer's second world concert tour was known as "The Dangerous World Tour"?
  26. Which poet and politician was once described as 'mad, bad and dangerous to know'?


  1. Unexploded bomb
  2. Dangerous Mind (Confessions of a Dangerous Mind)
  3. Come quick danger
  4. Pony Express
  5. Lewis Hamilton
  6. An exclamation mark
  7. Alexander Pope
  8. Sigourney Weaver
  9. A batch of faulty sex dolls
  10. Clifton Suspension Bridge (in Bristol)
  11. Four - Abraham Lincoln (1865), James A. Garfield (1881), William McKinley (1901), and John F. Kennedy (1963)
  12. Grapefruit
  13. Oscar Wilde
  14. Oxford University
  15. Cape Horn
  16. Eminem
  17. Charles Bronson
  18. Hippopotamus or hippo
  19. Tightrope walking
  20. Danger Man

  21. Ariana Grande
  22. Jeopardy!
  23. Snakes
  24. Devon
  25. Michael Jackson
  26. Lord Byron