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Dartboard Trivia

Get the Dartboard or Dart Term from the Clue

  1. There are 20 of these in a Terry's chocolate orange?
  2. Bill Syke's terrier dog in the 1838 novel Oliver Twist?
  3. City which has the longest metro system in the world and also the world's fastest train?

  4. A picturesque bay in North Yorkshire and a legendary hero?
  5. The name of the highest mount of the Rocky Mountains with the letters reversed?
  6. Founded by Saint Finbarr in the 6th century, originally a monastic settlement?
  7. Doppelganger?
  8. Radioactive particles that are carried into the atmosphere?
  9. American crime drama television series set in Baltimore?
  10. Russ Abbot's show, which premieried on 12 April 1980?
  11. Name given to a a circular statistical chart, divided into slices?
  12. Abbreviation of county famous for the clanger, a sort of sausage roll type snack?
  13. Settle one's hotel bill before leaving?
  14. A fletcher produces these?
  15. English pop band from Southend-on-Sea, formed in 2000?


  1. Segments
  2. Bullseye (Bull's-eye)
  3. Shanghai (in darts, when you hit the triple, double and single of the same number in one three dart throw)
  4. Robin Hood (term for when a dart sticks to another dart's flight on the board)
  5. Treble (the highest summit of the Rockies is Mount Elbert)
  6. Cork (an alternative name for bullseye)
  7. Double (a doppelganger is a look-alike or double)
  8. Fallout
  9. The Wire
  10. Madhouse (in darts, 'madhouse' is finishing a leg on double 1)
  11. Pie (pie is any scoring area on the dart board)
  12. Beds
  13. Check out
  14. Arrows
  15. Busted