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Darts Quiz - Let's Play Darts!

Quiz I

  1. In which year was the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) established when a group of leading players split from the British Darts Organisation?
  2. Who won the BDO World Darts Championship three times consecutively from 2017 to 2019?
  3. Who is nicknamed "The Menace", after the cartoon character Dennis the Menace?
  4. Can you name the first female to win a match, and subsequently two consecutive matches, at the PDC World Championships?
  5. Which venue hosted the BDO World Darts Championship from 1986 to 2019? And where was it held previously, from 1979 to 1985?
  6. Who was the first player to hit a perfect 9-dart finish during the Embassy World Darts Championship?

  7. Who was world champion on three occasions, in 1979, 1987 and 1993?
  8. If the Viking was playing the Bronzed Adonis, which two players would be competing?
  9. The official dartboard set-up is how many inches from the floor to the center of the dartboard: (a) 5 ft 6 inches, (b) 5 ft 8 inches, or (c) 5 ft 10 inches?
  10. Who was the first non-UK player to win the World Championship, and the only non-European to date (2020) to win the PDC World Darts Championship?
  11. As of 2020, who is the youngest winner of the PDC World Championship?
  12. Who was the well known announcer and co-host of the popular television darts quiz Bullseye?
  13. What's the surname of the first father-and-son duo to play in the BDO version of the World Championship?
  14. How many times has Phil 'The Power' Taylor won the PDC World Darts Championship?
  15. Which darts player was picked as a javelin thrower in the British Olympic team of 1968, but broke his arm before the team left for Mexico?
  16. What's the first name of darts player Tony Martin's wife?


  1. 1992
  2. Glen Durrant
  3. Dennis Priestley
  4. Fallon Sherrock
  5. The Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green, Surrey. Jollees Cabaret Club, Stoke.
  6. Paul Lim (Singapore)
  7. John Lowe
  8. Andy Fordham (the Viking) versus Steve Beaton
  9. (b) 5 ft 8 inches
  10. John Part
  11. Michael van Gerwen
  12. Tony Green
  13. George (Bobby and Richie, in 2013)
  14. 14 times
  15. Bob Anderson (nicknamed, The Limestone Cowboy)
  16. Anastasia (former world champion, Anastasia Dobromyslova)

Darts Quiz II

  1. Which darting term describes a 3 dart throw which hits the single, double and treble area of a number?
  2. Who claimed his first world title in the 1998 World Championship in a repeat World Final match against Richie Burnett?
  3. What is the nickname of the three-time BDO World Champion Martin Adams?
  4. Both Adrian Lewis and Phil Taylor come from which city? What is Adrian Lewis's nickname?
  5. Which Welsh manufacturer of dartboards was also the sponsor of the oldest darts tournament still running until 2018?
  6. In 1983, which 23-year-old qualifier beat the world's top 3 players including Eric Bristow in the final to win the Embassy World Professional Darts Championship?
  7. Who is known for his mohican hairstyle which changes colour each tournament?
  8. Who in 1978 became the first-ever BDO World Professional Darts Champion?
  9. In the BDO Women's World Championships, who remained undefeated for seven years in the competition until her defeat in the 2008 Championship?
  10. In October 1984, who became the first player to hit a televised nine-dart finish?
  11. Who has reached the finals of seven BDO major darts tournaments, but to 2020 has never won one?
  12. Which two-time World Professional Darts Champion is nicknamed The Count?
  13. Who once said: "That's the greatest comeback since Lazarus"?
  14. Which tournament became England's first national darts competition from 1947 and was known to be the championship every dart player wanted to win?
  15. Who often wore a suit and waistcoat for his games?
  16. Bobby George made his way to the stage wearing a crown and cloak, decorated in jewellery, and holding what object?
  17. As of 2020, whose 31 PDC Pro Tour event wins, puts him third on the all time list behind Michael van Gerwen and Phil Taylor?
  18. Whose refusal in 2002 to shake Phil Taylor's hand after a 7-0 World Championship thrashing led to darts fans booing him for many years?
  19. Which former number-one female darts player was in a relationship with Eric Bristow from 1978 to 1987?
  20. Who once allegedly threw a punch at an official and blamed it on the pressure of the Falkland's War, as he was married to an Argentine woman named Malvina?


  1. Shanghai
  2. Raymond van Barneveld
  3. Wolfie
  4. Stoke-on-Trent. His nickname is Jackpot.
  5. Winmau (pronounced "Win more")
  6. Keith Deller
  7. Peter Wright (nickname, "Snakebite" - he's also the 2020 PDC World Champion)
  8. Leighton Rees
  9. Trina Gulliver (nicknamed, Golden Girl)
  10. John Lowe (nicknamed, Old Stoneface)

  11. Tony O'Shea (nicknamed, Silverback)
  12. Ted Hankey
  13. Sid Waddell
  14. The News of the World Championship
  15. Rod Harrington
  16. A candelabra
  17. Gary Anderson (nicknamed, The Flying Scotsman)
  18. Peter Manley (nicknamed, One Dart)
  19. Maureen Flowers
  20. Jocky Wilson