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Quiz I: the question or answer includes the word 'day'

  1. A version of which modern phrase, which implies every person has a period of power or influence, was first recorded in a letter by Queen ELizabeth I to her brother?
  2. Which song is the final track on the Beatle's 1967 album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?
  3. Which popular tradition is celebrated in the United States and Canada on February the 2nd?
  4. Who plays Phileas Fogg in the 1956 film Around the World in 80 Days?
  5. France's Bastille Day is celebrated how many days after American Independence Day?
  6. Which phrase meaning "seize the day" was used by the Roman poet Horace to express the idea that one should enjoy life while one can?
  7. Which phrase, which can mean the time when past mistakes or misdeeds must be punished or paid for, is also the title of a 2000 novel by Jack Higgins?
  8. Who won the series of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! which featured Darren Day as one of the contestants?
  9. "I often think the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the day" is a quote by which artist?
  10. Australian Jason Day is a leading player in which sport?
  11. On 8 February 1988, which British comedian went to Ethiopia and celebrated the very first Red Nose Day Telethon?
  12. Give any of the five years in which Cecil Day-Lewis was the Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom?
  13. What is the French word for 'day'?

  14. On what day of the week did Solomon Grundy take ill?
  15. Australia Day, the official national day of Australia, is celebrated annually in which month?
  16. Which planet in our solar system has the shortest day?
  17. Which proverb, with reference to horology, means even an unreliable person can occasionally provide correct information often by accident?
  18. "Beautiful Day" is a song by which rock band?
  19. What is the date of St. Patrick's Day? And what about St. Andrew's Day?
  20. Pi Approximation Day is observed on which date in July?
  21. Which broadcaster, knighted in the 1981 New Year Honours, was known in British broadcasting as 'the Grand Inquisitor'?
  22. Which pop duo, consisting of David Van Day and Thereza Bazar, were successful in the late 1970s and 1980s, with hits such as "Mirror Mirror"?
  23. Can you name the two most famous historical battles to be fought on St. Crispin's Day (that is, the 25th of October)?
  24. In a 1955 American thriller film, starring Spencer Tracy, what sort of day was it at "Black Rock"?
  25. Which fictional film character said the famoes lines "After all, tomorrow is another day"?


  1. Every dog has its day
  2. A Day in the Life
  3. Groundhog Day
  4. David Niven
  5. 10 days (14th July and 4th of July)
  6. Carpe Diem
  7. Day of Reckoning
  8. Tony Blackburn (it was the first series, in 2002)
  9. Vincent Van Gogh
  10. Golf (2015 PGA Championship and former World Number One)
  11. Lenny Henry
  12. Accept any year between (and including) 1968 to 1972
  13. Journée
  14. Thursday
  15. January (26th)
  16. Jupiter (10 hours. By contrast Venus has the longest day, which lasts 5,832 hours)
  17. A broken clock is right twice a day (note: horology is the study of time and time pieces)
  18. U2

  19. 17 March (St Patrick) and 30 November (St Andrew)
  20. 22nd (22/7 in the day/month format is the clue, since the fraction ​22/7 is a common approximation of pi - sorry, if you don't have a maths background!)
  21. Robin Day
  22. Dollar
  23. The Battle of Agincourt (in 1415) and the Battle of Balaclava (including the Charge of the Light Brigade,during the Crimean War in 1854)
  24. A bad day (title of the film was Bad Day at Little Rock)
  25. Scarlett O'Hara (it's also the last line in the film and book, Gone With the Wind)