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Daytime TV


  1. On 8 April 2022, who announced that he would step down as a co-presenter to focus more on his writing career?
  2. Who is best known for presenting The Repair Shop and Money for Nothing?
  3. Which funny man made his first ever television appearance under is real name as a contestant on Win, Lose or Draw in 1996?
  4. In 2007, Manchester judge Alan Berg described which show as "trash" which existed to "titillate bored members of the public with nothing better to do"?

  5. Which daytime soap's most famous character was Patricia "Pat the Rat" Hamilton?
  6. From 2007 to 2022 Alistair Appleton was one of the presenters of which BBC television series?
  7. The Steve Wilkos Show was a spin-off of which long-running American show?
  8. Which former footballer joined Homes Under the Hammer in 2015?
  9. Holly Willoughby replaced which female presenter in 2009 when ITV relaunched This Morning?
  10. Artist Nancy Kominsky found fame in Britain with which series in the 1970s?
  11. Henry Kelly-fronted which daytime international gameshow for 10 series between 1987 and 1996?
  12. Which Birmingham television studios closed in 2004 when BBC Birmingham relocated to The Mailbox shopping complex?
  13. A Labour MP left the House of Commons in 1986 in order to present which new daytime talk show?
  14. The 3,000th episode of which daytime series was broadcast on 15 May 2018?
  15. Which Hollywood actress starred in BBC's medical drama Doctors in 2001 to 2002?
  16. By what professional nickname is Mark Labbett better known?
  17. Which daytime soap was set in the village of Glendarroch?
  18. Which British television courtroom drama was set in the fictional town of Fulchester?
  19. Oprah Winfrey once said if it wasn't for which American media personality, creator and host there would never have been an Oprah Show?
  20. Who was offered his own daytime chat show after temporarily standing in for Des O'Connor on the lunchtime chat show Today with Des and Mel?
  21. What's the first name of Judge Rinder?
  22. What sort of hunt was hosted by Tim Wonnacott?
  23. Those who win at least one game of Countdown receive what functional item which also doubles up as an interesting ornament?
  24. Airing on weekdays on BBC One, Ross Kemp began presenting which game show in 2022?
  25. Whose 'packed lunch' is a daytime television programme broadcast on Channel 4 each weekday afternoon?


  1. Richard Osman (stepped down from Pointless)
  2. Jay Blades
  3. Johnny Vegas
  4. The Jeremy Kyle Show
  5. Sons and Daughters
  6. Escape to the Country
  7. The Jerry Springer Show
  8. Dion Dublin
  9. Fern Britton
  10. Paint Along with Nancy
  11. Going For Gold
  12. Pebble Mill Studios
  13. Kilroy
  14. Loose Women
  15. Stefanie Powers
  16. The Beast
  17. Take the High Road
  18. Crown Court
  19. Phil Donahue
  20. Paul O'Grady
  21. Robert
  22. Bargain Hunt
  23. Countdown teapot
  24. Bridge of Lies
  25. Steph's Packed Lunch