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Welcome to our Quiz About Defunct Brands


  1. Which defunct car manufacturer was founded in Sweden in 1945?
  2. Which video rental chain was founded by David Cook in Texas in 1985 and at its peak consisted of nearly 10,000 stores?
  3. From 1965 until 1990, VARIG was which country's leading airline, and virtually its only international one?
  4. Which retailer, that closed its last UK store in 2018, had its headquarters at 1 Geoffrey Way, Wayne, New Jersey, United States?
  5. A British match manufacturing company created in the mid-19th century was called Bryant and what?
  6. Which British multinational construction company was in 2018 officially, "the largest ever trading liquidation in the UK"?

  7. Which UK high street retailer, specialising in gifts and retro style goods, went into administration in 2012 and had its brand name bought by WHSmith?
  8. Which toy brand was bought by Woolworths in 1988 and remained in use until the company's insolvency in 2009?
  9. Criticised, for the excessive frequency and length of its sales, this company was one of the largest suppliers of kitchens and bedroom furniture until it ceased trading in December 2008?
  10. Can you name the largest independent regional airline in Europe which ceased operations in March 2020?
  11. Do It All was sold to which DIY company in August 1998?
  12. Complete the well known name of the British confectionery company: Rowntree ... what?
  13. Which UK company specialising in living room and dining room furniture with over 150 stores, in June 2020 announced it had officially gone into administration?
  14. Which electrical and electronics retailer once rivalled Dixons, Currys, and Comet and for two seasons in the early 90s sponsored the English Football League Cup?
  15. In 2009, celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal appeared in a documentary to revamp which restaurant chain that closed in 2018?
  16. Which bookshop chain collapsed in the UK in June 2009?
  17. It was one of the UK's biggest electronics retailers and its last branch shut in June 2018?
  18. Which now defunct American automobile brand introduced the Firebird in 1967?
  19. Which airways company went out of business in 1991 and also suffered a loss of reputation in 1988 with the terrorist bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland?
  20. In January 2021, Boohoo bought which brand and website for 55 million pounds, but did not retain any stores?


  1. SAAB
  2. Blockbuster
  3. VARIG
  4. Toys "R" Us
  5. May (Bryant & May)
  6. Carillion plc
  7. Past Times
  8. Chad Valley
  9. MFI
  10. Flybe
  11. Focus
  12. Mackintosh (Rowntree Mackintosh)
  13. Harveys Furniture
  14. Rumbelows
  15. Little Chef

  16. Borders
  17. Maplins
  18. Pontiac
  19. Pan Am
  20. Debenhams