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Delaware Trivia

Quiz Questions

  1. What is the nickname of Delaware?
  2. Which beach resort is known as the "Nation’s Summer Capital"?
  3. Who represented Delaware in the United States Senate from 1973 to 2009?
  4. TRUE or FALSE? The population of Delaware is about 5 million?

  5. What is the capital city of Delaware?
  6. Delaware is second only to which other state for having the lowest average elevation?
  7. One-third of the State of Delaware drains into which bay?
  8. What is the largest city in Delaware?
  9. What is the primary industry in Sussex County, Delaware?
  10. The Delaware River has two branches that rise in which mountains in New York State?
  11. Delaware is bordered by which large state to the north?
  12. There's a famous painting of whose crossing of the Delaware River?


  1. The First State
  2. Rehoboth Beach
  3. Joe Biden
  4. False. It's close to one million.
  5. Dover
  6. Florida
  7. Chesapeake Bay
  8. Wilmington
  9. Agriculture
  10. The Catskill Mountains
  11. Pennsylvania
  12. George Washington's