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Derbyshire Quiz I

  1. Name the county town of Derbyshire?

  2. Which founder of a world wide travel agency was born in Melbourne, Derbyshire, in 1808?
  3. The Royal Shrovetide Football Match is a "medieval football" game played annually on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday in which Derbyshire town?
  4. Born in Glossop, and raised in the mill village of Hadfield, which writer has twice been awarded the Booker Prize, the first for the 2009 novel Wolf Hall?
  5. The English confection consisting of a shortcrust pastry shell beneath layers of jam, frangipane, and a topping of flaked almonds is associated with which Derbyshire town?
  6. Name the second largest town in Derbyshire after Derby?
  7. The City of Derby's emblem is what type of animal?
  8. Now employing over 600 people, redundant mills were bought up in the mid-twentieth century by which sweet manufacturer famous for brands such as Love Hearts and Parma Violets?
  9. Which National Park, mostly in northern Derbyshire, became the UK's first national park in 1951?
  10. Chatsworth House, a stately home in the Derbyshire Dales, stands on the east bank of which river?
  11. Which ancient spa town is now known across the world for its bottled spring water?
  12. The Labour Party's Dennis Skinner has been a Member of Parliament for which constituency since 1970?


  1. Matlock
  2. Thomas Cook
  3. Ashbourne

  4. Dame Hilary Mary Mantel
  5. Bakewell
  6. Chesterfield
  7. A ram (The Derby Ram is a traditional folk song)
  8. Swizzels (or Swizzels Matlow)
  9. The Peak District National Park
  10. River Derwent
  11. Buxton
  12. Bolsover (he's affectionately known as the 'Beast of Bolsover')

Derbyshire Quiz II

  1. What is Thorpe Cloud?
  2. Which company with its headquarters in Alfreton, made the world's largest chocolate bar in 2011? (The weight of the bar was 5,792.50 kgs!)
  3. What name does Derbyshire County Cricket Club's limited overs team play under? The name is a reference to the pair of birds nesting on Derby Cathedral's tower in a project by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.
  4. The home of Derby County Football Club from 1895 until 1997 was originally a stadium used for which sport?
  5. In August 2005, the stretch of the A52 linking Nottingham and Derby was renamed after which person?
  6. Which dark green, gelatinous, thixotropic substance made by a British company based in Denby, Derbyshire, was invented in 1947 by Audley Bowdler Williamson, an industrial chemist from Heanor, Derbyshire?
  7. John Flamsteed, born in Denby in 1646, was England's first what?
  8. What is 'Titan' near Castleton in the Derbyshire Peak District?
  9. Which famous Englishman who from 1990 until 2003 featured on five pound notes, died aged 67 in 1848, and was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Chesterfield?
  10. What sort of marking was invented in 1876 by the Liberal Member of Parliament for Derby?
  11. The national museum at Crich features over sixty examples of what form of transport?
  12. What informal term is given to the succession of gritstones which are to be found in the Pennines and Peak District?
  13. Which valley in the Peak District annually receives a million visitors with attractions such as Ilam Rock, Viator's Bridge, and the limestone feature Lovers' Leap?
  14. Which scientist noted for his discovery of hydrogen is buried in the church that is now Derby Cathedral?
  15. Which politician became MP for South Derbyshire in 1982?


  1. A hill (an isolated limestone hill popular with walkers and tourists)
  2. Thorntons plc
  3. Derbyshire Falcons (the project to nest Peregrine Falcons on Derby's Cathedral tower first started in 2006)
  4. Baseball (it was called The Baseball Ground!)
  5. Brian Clough (Brian Clough Way)
  6. Swarfega (a brand of heavy-duty hand cleaner made by Deb Limited, based in Denby, Derbyshire)

  7. Astronomer Royal
  8. Titan is a natural cavern and the deepest shaft of any known cave in the UK
  9. George Stephenson
  10. The Plimsoll Line
  11. Trams (National Tramway Museum)
  12. Millstone Grit
  13. Dovedale
  14. Henry Cavendish
  15. Edwina Currie

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