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Deserts of the World

Quiz Questions

  1. Name the largest desert on earth?
  2. Which large desert in Southern Africa extends for 350,000 square miles across Botswana, and parts of Namibia and South Africa?
  3. Which desert is essentially a continuation of the Sahara Desert eastwards into Asia?
  4. Death Valley is a desert valley in California, in the northern part of which desert?
  5. The word Sahara is derived from the Arabic word sahra, meaning what?

  6. The Gobi Desert is located in which two countries?
  7. What are the 2 largest deserts in Australia?
  8. Which cold winter desert is located in southern Argentina?
  9. The Tabernas Desert is in which country?
  10. The Thar Desert forms a natural boundary between which two countries?
  11. The Negev or Negeb is a desert and semidesert region in the southern part of which country?
  12. Which desert accounts for 85% of the land area of Jordan?
  13. Which desert occupies a continuous strip for nearly 1,000 miles along the narrow coast of northern Chile?
  14. Which coastal desert in Southern Africa has a name which means "vast place"?


  1. Antarctic desert (The Antarctic is an example of a cold desert. It's approximately 5.5 million square miles.)
  2. Kalahari Desert
  3. Arabian Desert
  4. Mojave Desert
  5. It means desert
  6. China and Mongolia
  7. Great Victoria Desert (1) and the Great Sandy Desert (2)
  8. The Patagonian Desert
  9. Spain
  10. India and Pakistan
  11. Israel
  12. Syrian Desert
  13. Atacama Desert (Note: Atacama Desert is known as the ‘driest place on Earth’ after Antarctica.)
  14. The Namib

A desert is a barren area of landscape where little precipitation occurs. A desert can be hot or cold. They are often classified as "hot" or "cold", "semiarid" or "coastal". The famous Sahara Desert is the third largest desert on the planet and the largest hot desert.

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